Media Industry

With new brands and channels entering the market, there is increased scope for new talent in the field of media.

In the last few years, the media industry has flourished tremendously. Creativity and communication has assumed great importance, as the industry is demanding trained young professionals who can deliver quality work. With so many new avenues opening out, the media industry has become very versatile, influencing a mass audience. The glamour of media has attracted many towards taking it up as a full time career opportunity.

The media industry has seen a great metamorphosis with the advent of TV, radio broadcasting, entertainment with use of audiovisual films and videos, Internet in the form of blogs, forums, music and news and publishing in the form of newspapers, books, and magazines that have become a part and parcel of the daily lives of people. Each of these also comes with the potential of becoming an extremely remunerative career choice.

One such rewarding option is Journalism. With a number of broadcast channels and print publications coming up there are many institutions providing post graduates degrees in journalism. These courses stress on communication theory, press laws and history, along with reporting and editing techniques, print media and electronic media production, advertising and public relations, photojournalism and film. These courses hone the communication skills of youngsters and mould the students to suit journalistic requirements.

There are several bachelor / postgraduate degrees in journalism and mass communication courses offered by many government and private institutions. Minimum eligibility for bachelor degree in journalism is 10 + 2 and for postgraduate degree courses, a bachelor degree in journalism is preliminary. The duration of these courses differ from one institute to the other. Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai, Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication Pune, Manorama School of Communication, Kottayam, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, are some of the prime institutes offering diploma and degree programs in journalism and communications with different specializations.

Media professionals can work in a number of other fields like direction, production, camera, graphics editing, sound, programmer research, script writing and others. Similarly, a career in print has options like reporter, editor, cartoonist, photo journalist, reporters and correspondents.

Art direction is another popular career. Advertising today has become an important tool for marketing of products. There are plenty of advertising agencies offering job opportunities as creative director, media planning copywriter, art director, client servicing, and visualiser to name a few.

With communication skills becoming very essential public relations management and corporate communication is seen as a promising career. Banking, finance, insurance, investment, export companies, media, hotels, tour and travel agencies require experts who can handle situation through proper communication.

SA working as senior PR executive opted for public relations as she had keen interest in media. There is tremendous scope in this field. If one has qualities like creativity initiative, personality, good judgment and the ability to communicate thoughts clearly one can easily handle the pressure and have future growth prospects.

With the small screen becoming highly popular; the entertainment industry has branched extensively. Daily soaps, stage shows, drama, theatre and films are throwing up limitless opportunities to get into this field. Institutions offer several diploma and certificate courses for those wanting to enter in this field. Even radio is not far behind. The emergence of various radio channels has changed the face of radio. So if you are enthusiastic, rational with a creative bent of mind, excellent communication skills with good sense of humor and an appealing voice then radio jockeying is surely a good option. Institutes like EMDI – Encompass Institute of Radio Management, Xavier Institute of Communications offer specialized courses in radio jockeying.

The expansion of web based media, off shoring and business process outsourcing has led to manifold growth of opportunities for mass communication graduates. The world of media is vast and expanding day by day. The opportunities are limitless.