Gifting by and in organizations

For clients or executives, a shirt or a smart business suit, is an appropriate gift. Clothes are the ultimate expression of a man’s dress sense, and must be chosen keeping in mind his taste and personality.

India Inc has woken up to the phenomenon of “Corporate gifting”. Corporate gifting used to be a means of making new employees feel at ease in a new organization or a way to impress a prospective client, but now it has gone far beyond that. This is now a way to build bridges between people, bring them together and enhance their understanding of each other. The type of gifts that one gives depends largely on the industry, the organization and the nature of the professional relationship. In certain situations organizations and professional relationships, gifting is perfectly acceptable and sometimes even a norm. This is completely contextual and one must seek to understand the accepted norms.

Corporate gifting is an investment in individuals and a token of appreciation of the business that such individuals and firms bring. Corporate gift helps create an emotional connect with the company that is sending out the gifts. In this age of competitiveness, it is often such innovative activities that can make the difference. The primary aim of corporate gifting is building relationships. A well planned, customized corporate gift to a boss, a peer, a supplier, a clients, a customer, an employee or a host can rejuvenate ties, build bridges and better yet, add that perfect human touch to hard nosed business practices. A personal note with every gift goes a long way in establishing sincerity and generosity of spirit of individuals and corporates. They are a reflection of the values and beliefs of individuals and corporates.

The oncoming festive season makes people want to look and feel their best, and companies can choose from a myriad of clothing options that can help them to do so. We must remember that gifts at their core are a sign of respect and consideration and gifts during the holidays, must be chosen carefully. For clients or executives a shirt or a smart business suit is an appropriate gift. Clothes are the ultimate expression of a man’s dress sense, and must e chosen keeping in mind his taste and personality. These can be complimented by mufflers, cravats, cufflinks and watches. Here too, companies can chosen between contemporary and ethnic wear, to match the mood and season. For women, silver jewelry, stones set in silver, brass and costume jewelry is apt. There are instances where companies go to the extent of finding out the preferences of highly valued customers and in corporating shirts, scarves, stoles and shawls as parts of a gift.

For employees, organizations can take a more traditional route, focusing on clothing made from natural fibers and eco-friendly fabrics like cotton and silk The emphasis here is on simplicity, with embellishments kept to a minimum. Employees could be gifted Kurtas, Kaftans and pyjamas, to wear in the comfort of their own homes, at wedding pujas and family occasions. These gifts are more suited as employer gifts to employees during festive season as a token of appreciation but not for customers or clients.

Travel accessories in leather and nylon can also be gifted, from premium branded leather to jute and fiber.

In a relationship, be it business or personal, it is important to send the right signals. A gift is a signal to a professional associate that their relationship is important, that he or she is remembered and that festive wishes are being offered. One must remember that gifts while adding to the festive cheer, also strengthens relationships.