Interruptions in work


Many office workers are so distracted that they wrongly believe they are suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder mentioned a research magazine. For more and more people, every day feels like one long string of interruptions with only the gaps in between to get anything done.

Interruptions from emails, text messages and phone calls eat up more than a quarter of working day a research study has revealed.

Other disturbing factors are the constant stream of queries from work colleagues, friends and families which take up more than two hours. There seems little point in knuckling down to tackle projects. The working day is interrupted every three minutes, ensuring a quarter of tasks are put off until the next day.

However bad you think it is, it’s probably worse. When researchers set out to quantify the problem, they figured people were probably over reacting therefore they got in a good quarter hour or so before disruptions.

British research has shown that being bombarded with emails, text messages and phone calls can be more than twice as bad for brainpower as smoking cannabis.

The Institute of Psychiatry researchers found a noticeable drop in the IQ of workers constantly being distracted from what they should be doing by checking their messages.

Sending and receiving texts and emails temporarily knocked ten points off someone’s IQ compared with the four-point drop from smoking cannabis, tests showed.

Concentration is lost and the mind is in an almost permanent state of readiness to react to always-on technology instead of focusing on the task in hand.

A research Scientist suggests beating distractions by putting up a indirect ‘do not disturb’ sign discouraging visitors by standing up to talk to them and frequently checking the clock.

We are giving here a few more techniques how to avoid unwanted interruptions,

1. If an outsider wants to meet you without an appointment or fixing up an agenda he or she can be told that you are in a meeting with your boss.

2. If an outsider/colleague calls up over phone and resort to unnecessary gossip then you can tell him that a customer/vendor or the boss has just dropped in and you are in the midst of an important discussion.

3. Except the boss if other colleagues drop in your room or stop by your table without any valid purpose then please tell them you were just called by your top boss or senior colleague for a pre planned meeting.

4. Some junior tries to waste time sitting in front of you he or she can be told to come later as you are busy with a project report to be submitted urgently.

5. Your curt replies and attitude can discourage unwanted visitors wasting time at your table.

6. You must develop a skill to open only such e-mails considered to be important. Others like spam and junk can b simply deleted.

After shadowing a dozen information workers for three days, the researchers found that on average they got just three sustained minutes of work in before being diverted. The University of California researchers also found that only three quarters of interrupted work is resumed the same day. And, even when staff manages to pick up where they left off, it takes an average of 25 minutes and two intervening tasks before they get it done. Therefore the Time Management is in your hands by following a few suggestions mentioned above and also something new at the spur of the moment. If one is time waster himself (his own & others) then no solutions please!!!