Virtual classroom facility

Thirty years ago, becoming a graduate degree holder was an achievement in itself. This conventional wisdom that dominated Indian minds for long may not necessarily ring true today for the current job market demands a lot more from its prospective employees if young aspirants aim to gain that extra edge over the r6est. Hence, in an endeavor to make your resume stand out from the clutter and hone your existing skills to further enhance your career growth, an MBA degree seems like the apt solution.

The sky is the limit for those who pursue distance learning programs from Future Educations.

India, with an estimated student population of 400 million, is one of the largest education and training markets in the world. The education market in India is assessed to be between USD 40bn to 50bn. Higher education in India has experienced significant growth over the last two decades. Since independence, University and Colleges in India have grown at a CAGR of over 5% and 6% respectively.

Distance learning encompasses all technologies and supports the pursuit of life long learning for all. Distance learning is used in all areas of education, including Pre-K through grade 12, higher education, home school education, continuing education, corporate training, government training etc. as the course fee of these programs is much less than the regular courses, distance learning courses in India have also become popular in the rural areas. Thus the institutes providing distance learning are serving a very important cause by enabling the less advantaged sections of the society to pursue higher education of their choice.

In a recent survey over 1,500 CEOs and business owners confirmed that 83% of them strongly believe a degree earned via distance leaning is as credible and valid as one earned via a traditional campus based program.

Future Education offers Distance learning Programs like MBA, PGDBA along with 1 year and six months certificate courses from reputed institutes and universities recognized by Government of India. Students pursuing these courses get an edge over other graduates as they gain management knowledge along with graduation.

Graduating students pursuing their six months certified management courses are better positioned to get admission in MBA programs of top B-schools. Also they are preferred by organizations for jobs as they have basic management knowledge and skills. Housewives pursuing their DLP courses are empowered to start a second career or provide valuable business insights in family business. Future’s distance learning programs ensures improvement in overall productivity and faster growth of students and better promotional opportunities for working executives. It also upgrades leadership and entrepreneurships qualities in managers and family managed businessmen.

Advantages of distance learning programs from Future Education

1) Imparts quality education across the world with the help of virtual classroom facility.
2) Gain knowledge and skills without any time barriers or geographical boundaries.
3) Empower students with global case studies and provides business acumen.
4) Provides affordable fee, flexible payment options and convenient learning solutions.
5) Enhances career prospects without sacrificing your income from a full time job.
6) Offers personal contract programs
7) Online exams after every lecture thus enabling the students to understand their level of learning.

Professionals can now pursue their dream of gaining higher education even as they gain experience in the corporate world, thanks to distance learning and virtual classrooms. Nowadays if one’s CV isn’t endorsed by a management qualification, then the CV is incomplete.

Since 1977, Welingkar has been offering Distance Learning Courses or part Time Courses aimed at career enhancement and knowledge growth. These are recognized by the Distance Education Council (Govt of India). The faculty books and study material are integral to the quality of the program.