Job aspirants must be ready to accept challenges

Due to the ever evolving and rapidly changing corporate scenario, the future of India Inc, will throw a lot of challenges at aspirants. Therefore, ask yourself, what will the professional world demand out of you then? And are you well equipped to hone newer skills? Indian Inc gives a few quick tips that can help you sustain your market value even in 2020.

Look around and you will realize how competitive the world has become. With each passing day, competition is growing and the nee top keep abreast of the latest trends and stay ahead is becoming even stronger and more importantly, a lot tougher, right? What could make you look like the most eligible candidate for a particular job profile today might not hold true in 2020 perhaps. The constantly evolving workplace and the even constantly evolving India Inc. are bound to undergo a lot of change and with it the requirements and the skill set expected out of a candidate will undergo a transition too. Ask yourself, do you think the way you function today and the skills that you are required with will suffice to face bigger challenges and keep you marketable for the future?

You may not be concerned with surviving beyond the current recession, but you should be. Reinvention isn’t just for people who are unhappy in their current jobs. In order to have long term, successful careers, we all must work towards staying marketable in the future. Companies today, function in a global business environment wherein geographical and economics barriers have gotten blurred. It is very important for individuals to equip themselves with newer skill sets and stay relevant to these changing market needs. India needs to move away from low cost labor towards high end research and development work, the type of work that drives innovation and products. This transformation of the IT industry will have to start with each of us in the field realizing the need to re-invent ourselves. Not only in our thinking of what we are doing, why we are doing and what we would like to do; but also realizing the need to challenge our own self to think beyond our current operations.

Sergie Budka, the soviet pole vault sportsperson is an example. Though he had held all the world records and was way ahead of his times, he did not rest on that. He kept raising the bar and by the time he retired, he was way ahead of his nearest rival and that stayed for some years after his retirement too. The reward is not just the results, you will ultimately produce, but you will learn more about yourself and enjoy the journey. It essentially means that people want their jobs to teach them about themselves, provide valuable information that not only makes them more marketable in today’s marketplace, but also helps them become better people. Employees should map their career goals with the skills necessary to further their career prospects.

It is also important to learn something new every five years – a language, hobby or skill. Take on responsibility at the workplace. Take advantage of job rotation. This way one will learn new things. Ask your self what ROI are you able to give to be organization.

So, if you understand and analyze the rapid changes in the workplace scenario and the increasing competition, it’s time to pull up your socks and work towards making yourself more prepared and industry ready for the future.

A few actionable points that can be used to make oneself a better professional and marketable for the future:

1) Be on time, get to meetings on time. Get to work on time. Get to the interview on time. Punctuality is noticed and valued.
2) Eliminate good enough thinking. Good enough thinking means doing the bare minimum to get the job done. Challenge yourself to go the extra mile. This requires more effort in understanding the problem, solving and checking for quality, but the results and you will stand out.
3) Dress like a professional
4) Start challenging your boss.
5) Improve yourself. Try to keep raising the bar on your own performance and keep competing with yourself.