The fashion scene today

Earlier, the fashion industry was not taken seriously as the concept of a ‘designer wear’ did not really exist. People always harbored the belief that Indian designers made ‘unwearable’ clothes, were highly unapproachable and were too westernized for Indian taste. People today have realized more than the importance, the need to understand the services and quality offerings the Indian fashion industry has in store. The impact of the industry today is more as opposed to a few years ago, and people are ready to pay for the services too.

The synergy between the designer and the corporate giant is making fashion an excellent platform for serious business by opening the right avenues. The Indian fashion designer today is more business oriented who allows a corporate giant sponsor his / her fashion show, reach out to the right customer, regulate trade and help him / her gain global status. The corporates are the ones who have the financial support, which helps a designer to pay attention only at exploring his/her creative abilities without worrying about monetary limitations.

Corporates need to run their fashion houses in a more corporate manner. Fashion designers need to understand the business of fashion; it is not only about having a celebrity show stopper or organizing an extravagant show; every designer has to display quality work season after season, hire a core competent team and display innovation whenever they go back to their clients. And this realization needs to dawn on them in an endeavor to make the most of a corporate.

The expansion of the retail sector has given rise to a lot of job opportunities. Fashion merchandisers are really sought after as they are directly involved in the buying and selling of textiles and accessories at the wholesale and retail levels. Buyers, too, are very much in demand; they need to have an eye for detail to create a selection of apparel for retail outlets; they primarily speak in numbers. Production managers, stylists and visual merchandisers are very much in demand.

The recession has thrown not only challenges, but also opportunities. Cutting costs and wise spending have become the norm for corporates and designers; however, one major learning that has been derived out of it is that good design is being sold with sensible pricing and the prices for rental too has became more realistic.

The fashion industry works at different levels, and aspirants can look forward to working in other areas besides designing. The business of fashion is dependent on professionals from three main areas – design, production, and management.

A fashion designer stands at the center of the industry, and is responsible for coming up with apparel designs in three basic categories men’s wear women’s wear and children’s wear. These categories are further divided into specialized segments, related to occasions and places like casual wear, formal wear evening wear, sports wear, lounge wear, resort wear, beach wear or maternity wear, to name a few. The manner of production of apparel also classifies them as prêt (mass production, ready-to-wear fashion) and haute couture (customized garments for high society). There are also areas like inner wear, body wear, leg wear, accessories and home fashion, that today, form a part of the fashion world.

The fashion scene today, is extremely promising, as Indian designers are making their mark globally. Increasing fashion consciousness brand awareness (lead by the retail invasion), higher disposable incomes and higher spend on clothing and life style products, ensure that the domestic market holds great promise as well. The economic melt down not withstanding, clothes are something that people will continue to wear