Starting up a working week

Monday morning the employee has to wake up, the week end party’s over. We bet you have to drag yourself out of bed every Monday morning. Interestingly though, the week starter may not turn as bad as it threatens to be, if we can make a few amendments to your routine. Here’s a quick look on how to change the common ‘oh god’ refrain to ‘thank God it’s Monday’.

This is one lifestyle pattern that you can swear by. You might be tempted to party on a Sunday, but leave all those late nights for Saturdays. If you do not, you will find it hard to submit to your alarm clock the first day of the week. A little discipline and calculated partying will help you charge you batteries for week to come.

Exercise, jog, walk or dance whatever is your cup of tea, get your booty moving. Morning walks and workouts set a fresh gush of blood through your veins and boost you up physically and mentally, 30 to 45 minutes of exercise will shape off all weariness and arm you to take the Monday bull by the horns.

A good way to counter Monday phobia is to look forward to it. This can be achieved very simply by reserving what you like the most for Mondays. Hence, favorite breakfast, hanging out with friends, dinner with the loved ones, movies etc can go a long way in helping you count days for the start of the week.

It is actually a bad idea to save a few hours of Friday by postponing work to Monday. First of all, however much relieved you feel rushing out of the office you will carry home the pressure of incomplete work. You’ll find yourself dreading the week ahead and might even spoil your weekend fretting over it.

Among other benefits, an advance arrival can help you immensely in understanding the workload and organizing the day’s schedule accordingly. This shall ease off much of your job pressure alongside sharpening your punctuality. In the worst case scenario of reaching late, you will most likely be left stranded and have on idea where and how to begin the day. So, better be safe than sorry.

Laughter might be the best medicine, but smiling is not bad either. Sticking a smile on the face all day can really bring a change in every ones attitude including your own. Plus, it is a tried, tested and guaranteed mood booster.

A typical work day particularly the so called dreadful ‘Monday’ leaves you with little energy and definitely no ‘personal’ time for doing some of the small errands you had planned. You do have a little window of ‘personal’ time at work itself – it is called your lunch hour. Here is how you can get the most out of it.

Move out from the office. Taking a short walk after lunch, or even having your lunch out of the office atmosphere can help to recharge those batteries and help young face the day ahead. Or go ahead and indulge yourself with a message at a nearby spa.

Most companies frown on taking personal calls during work. The lunch hour is the perfect time to get back to all those who had got your curt message, ‘In a meeting’, ‘Call you later’.

If you know that by the time you reach home the local grocery store, dry cleaner etc will have closed down, scout around for these vendors close to your work place. You can easily spare 15 minutes from your work hour to do these small, chores. The same would go for going to the bank or post office, or dropping off your car for a routine maintenance.

This would also be a good time to plan the rest of the day – what to eat for dinner, if you have children then you may need to plan a school project. You could even give a thought to what outfit would be right for your meeting the next day or what birthday gift to get your friend.

The one grouse that most working married couples have is that they never get ‘alone’ time and are losing touch with each other. If you happen to work in the same vicinity, scheduling lunch together a few days a week could work wonders for your relationship.

Taking a nap for 15 minutes in the middle of the day is actually recommended by experts to rejuvenate you. If you find it difficult to nap at your desk just day dream or disappear into an interesting book for a while – anything to get your mind off work.

We live in an age where every minute counts; here you have a whole hour handy and you can make the most of it.