Strategy, execution, and leadership programs

Company Secretary’s work comes into focus at the time of listing of a company. During the courses a company secretary is tested on language skills. However, emphasis is on a candidate’s knowledge of legal language and thus, students with average communications skills need not consider this a barrier.

The course comprises three levels—the foundation, the executive and the professional level. A student, who has completed his graduation can skip the foundation and begin from the executive level. The course also involves 15 months of practical training, where one is trained under a practicing gathers an understanding of the nuances of the work involved.

A qualified CS can expect a starting package above Rs 3,60,000 per annum

Cost and Works accounting (CWA):

One of the most dreaded subjects for students pursuing a career in the commercial sector is cost accounting thus those who choose to make a career out of their expertise in the subject are very few and hence highly sought after. The number of practicing cost accountants is very small in comparison to those practicing CA or CS. This is probably because many students prefer to switch to core accountancy, rather than continue to practice as cost accountants. However, with the course structure now including a three year practical training program, students have begun to understand the courses in practical environment, and pursue the course with a view to practicing the professionals.

Cost accounting essentially involves breaking down the various costs that go into a particular product or service, and arriving at the final cost. A cost accountant’s view is prudent at the time of formulating an organization’s budget and feasibility reports. A cost accountant could also set up his clientele would include private and public companies, industrial, commercial and service undertakings.

The course, which comprises three levels- the foundation, Intermediate ad final levels –prepares students in subjects like cost and management accounts, commercial and industrial law, audit, direct and indirect taxation and information systems. However, unlike other professional courses, there isn’t any particularly well known coaching class to guide students, and therefore, they often rely on their seniors and practicing cost and works accountants to help them with their course work.

A cost works accountant with sufficient work experience can expect a package of above Rs 2,50,000 per annum.

Postgraduate level strategy, execution, and leadership programs:

The distinctive postgraduate level strategy, execution, and leadership programs offered by the strategy academy (TSA) empowers individuals and organizations to become smart leaders that create value.

Adopting a strategy that is unique but right, in terms of the leadership inputs it possess, and help you achieve success in your career goals. The strategy Academy, India’s renowned academy, operates precisely with this line of through by delivering high quality, live strategy centered programs to the corporate world. The institute offers these programs through a unique mode that is via the PCs or laptops of participants wherever they are. TSA is offering two 11-month postgraduate programs – one, on management, strategy and leadership (PGPMSL) designed for the future business leaders and the other on strategy, innovation and management of start ups (PGPSIMS) meant for aspiring entrepreneurs. Both the programs are unique not only because they have shorter duration or use live digital delivery, accessible from anywhere in the world, but also because their focus lies on content, application focused dissertation faculty profile convenience, universal availability, scalability and affordability. TSA will deliver both the PG programs outside office hours, with faculty from leading 15 business schools conducting every session. If you miss one of your live sessions a recorded version of the lecture will be available for you.

The fee of each PG program at Rs 130,000/- plus service tax is lower than the first year fee of any two year PG program available in the market. With attractive early bird schemes, the net fee payable is even more attractive. The required details are available on or can be obtained through email on or phoning the helpdesk.