A case in customer relationship management


When the competition in the field of resort industry mounted up, technologies that once provided competitive advantage became baseline capabilities. A famous resort from God’s own country (State of Kerala in India) found that innovation is the only road that can lead to success and they came to Aufait in search of innovation.

The Client:

“Kadavu� is a tourism resort situated on the tranquil banks of the largest backwaters in North Kerala. Spread over 10 acres of prime waterfront land, the exquisite landscaping, enhances the ethnic feel of the entire resort.

Kadavu welcomes the traveler with 17 independent cottages and several rooms and suites. Here the (Mappila) Muslim style of architecture blends harmoniously with the Hindu styles giving the resort an absolutely unique appearance.

Kadavu also has a state-of-the-art Ayurvedic Treatment Centre, where the visitor can rejuvenate, beautify, condition, and relax themselves with the special herbal recipes of Ayurveda. Besides the famous backwater cruises, and Ayurvedic Health Care, Kadavu also offers opportunity for the tourist to experience the marvels of ‘Theyyam’, ‘Kalaripattyu’ and other local art forms in their traditional settings.

Present Situation:

According to a report published by the Brussels-based World Travel and Tourism Council, Tourism is the world’s most rapidly growing industry, and that by the year 2005, the contribution of Tourism to the world economy would be more than doubled from the base level of 1994. Whatever may be the need of a tourist, be it the virgin beaches or the tall mountains and hill stations or whether it is the antiquity and monuments.

India has unparalleled attractions to offer to the tourist. In spite of all these, India’s share in the global tourism scenario is a mere 0.4 per cent and the share of Indian arrivals currently stands at a mere 7 per cent. Definitely, India’s tourist attractions warrant for more tourists than we are presently getting.

Several reasons can be attributed to this ironical situation. One of the possible reasons can be poor Customer relation management compared to the global standards. Modern customers are more mobile, informed and demanding. And competitors from other countries became more adept at quickly improving their operations.

Business Challenge:

Coming to the client ‘Kadavu Resorts’ offers facilities of global standards and also have a Customer friendly website designed by Aufait technologies with provisions for Online reservation. But with the standard of excellence continually rising, companies have been forced to outdo themselves with each successive customer initiative. As a result, technologies that once provided competitive advantage became baseline capabilities, especially in the ever-expanding industry of Tourism.

Aufait’s Solution:

Aufait found that a well-designed Customer Relation Management System is the immediate need of the client. With these ideas in mind Aufait designed an e- CRM for Kadavu Resort. CRM is aimed at performing the following functions:

1. To enhance the client’s ability to market its unique facilities and services to individual tourists from across the globe

2. To attract more and more customer groups to the resort.

3. To persuade potential guests to choose Kadavu resorts as their normal choice of stay.

4. To provide unmatched online service for its guests

With the help of this application, client can maintain a huge database of the customer. They can categorize the customers in different ways and thereby sent customized greetings and letters to each of them. Special offer mails can also be sent to their customer. Thus they can develop good rapport with the customers from across the globe.

In conclusion the resort with all its CRM efforts is able to increase its tourist incoming rate more than 25% and the flow is going up. It appears continuous efforts are required in building up customer relations whether it is for a product or service (like the above mentioned tourist resort) by all available means ‘online’ or ‘e-CRM’ or advertisement or electronic media.