A global opinion about work experience


The Global opinion is that the best working experience is accomplished by working in India. It is pretty evident that history has repeated itself as we have come back a full circle. Point of fact-India is again being viewed as the land where everything is possible. The only difference, this time around they have a different intention. They believe in equipping themselves with work experience in India and acquire unmatched executive skills that can only be gained by working in India.

This trend of young Europeans queuing up to work in India made a humble beginning about three years back and is now becoming increasingly popular. They may come across as backpackers but don’t get fooled as they have more than plans up their sleeves. They intend to utilize their gap year in doing internships by working in India. So when they return, their Indian work experience ensures that they secure a juicy job for themselves in Europe. Europeans are also cashing in on this, even if they are hired to work for a contract period, ranging from couple of months to one year.

One of the reasons why this is developing into a popular trend is because of the fact that it is relatively more difficult to find an internship in Europe. This is because economies just can’t match the pace of India’s economic takeoff. So instead of trying to get some work experience in their native land, they decide to head for India.

The European interns believe that the position and the experience would do a lot of good to their career and when they go back they land in a decent position.

The high level of experience which they can get in India with their qualification, is just unthinkable in Europe commented an intern who has been working with a company in India for nearly 8 months. He wants to work for two months before he packs his bags and then head home.

The CEO of an Indian company called ‘Tecnovate’ says that they have around 40 Europeans from nine different countries and all of them are willing to work here because of the international work experience that they are exposed to during their term with the Indian firm. It is concept of Hot Money where people follow their jobs to the best place, which in this case is India. And yes, they are ready to work on Indian salaries, because a job is not always about money but about holistic experience that enriches them completely.

Here, they get to work on innovative work practices; global exposure, latest technologies and a unique work cum India travel (explore) experience. Additionally, a great work experience that works wonders to their resume.

A native of Chile but studied in Germany and pursuing her internship in India says that she is greatly influenced with Indian culture and tradition so when she got an opportunity to work here she just couldn’t let it go. Now it is proving to be a double advantage work and travel.

This reverse brain drain can be attributed to the phenomenal growth which the Indian economy is witnessing presently. This unprecedented growth has led to a booming job market and as India continues to interact with the global economy, the demand for foreign professionals has also grown over a period of time. Hiring foreign talent in Indian off-shoring firms creates a win-win situation for both the company and the hired professionals. International employees help Indian companies understand cultural sensitivities and the business environment in foreign regional markets. The experience of working abroad, particularly for young professionals, gives them an edge enabling them to compete in the international market. Exposure to a fast-growing business economy is probably the main reason why young professionals are increasingly taking job offers in the Indian off-shoring.

A senior HR professional from Germany commented that they have a very high unemployment in Germany and India is growing up with real opportunities. Here, in a short time, one can pick up more skills and get more exposure and grow as the organization grows.

The European interns and employees working in India and China are of the opinion that these two countries are the fastest growing economies and after working here they will have an edge after returning back to their countries. There is a lot to learn in India but as Germany is already well established and there is not much to learn there explains another intern from Germany.

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