A case of E-business website


Here we are discussing an actual situation where the company Khusheim is losing a lot of time in processing and supplying orders because of paper work and administrative controls. The problem was solved by going to a software company and getting a dynamic e- business website made. This has solved almost all the delay problems and with so many positive features ended up with significant benefits. The benefits at a glance are,

1. Order processing made faster
2. Order tracking made easy.
3. Paper works and delays eliminated
4. Huge savings on productive time
5. No communication gaps between the supplier and the customer.

Khusheim Company is one of the leading suppliers of industrial materials and equipments operating from Middle East. With five decades of service and complete dedication to quality, Khusheim, has established an emphatic presence in Gulf and throughout Middle East. The company fulfills all the needs of industrial equipments ranging from handy power tools to big lathe machines. Almost all the leading companies in the region are clients of Khusheim.

Pre solution Situation:

Among the vast clientele of Kusheim, SABIC, a Public Limited Company from Saudi Arabia enjoys a special status. With 17 affiliate companies under its belt, SABIC, one of the Middle East’s largest non-oil industrial companies is a regular customer of Khusheim and enjoys a lasting relationship with the company.

SABIC, a joint venture of Saudi Government and the private sector has got a complex system for processing the “Purchase orders� from its affiliate companies. A Senior Managing Officer (SMO) is in charge of the procurement process. Representative from each affiliate company prepares a purchase order which in turn will be checked by the supervisors from the same organization, and will be sent to the SMO. The quantum of purchase that can be done by each affiliate is restricted. Hence Purchase orders have to be made based on the fixed regulations. SMO checks the ‘Purchase orders’ and prepares ‘Release orders’ and forwards it to Khusheim.

Based on the Release order issued by the SMO, Khusheim, searches the availability of the products, procures the same and delivers the products to the affiliates of SABIC. All the processes including search, procurement & delivery were done manually without the aid of any technology tools. Thus a huge procedure with a lot of paper work is associated with the processing of a purchase order of SABIC and this consumed a lot of productive time of the client.

Client’s Concern:

Obviously, in a fast paced business World, the client was bothered about the loss of productive time due to the enormous paper works involved in the transactions. Moreover the Manual transaction procedures, and the highly hierarchical procedures involved, lead to fatal delays in the business process. With purchase orders flowing in from different customers, the tracking of a particular order and appraisal of its progress was really a Herculean task. Moreover an online search facility for finding the products and materials to be supplied was more than a necessity for the client.


The client found out a reputed company Aufat to design E-business website. The highly dynamic site provided operations automation and user-friendly interfaces for Affiliates, SMO and the supplier. The system helps to get over the time delays due to the paper works and literally eliminates the intermediaries between the affiliates Of SABIC who are the ultimate consumer and Khusheim, the supplier.

E business has the following features:

Affiliate Interface:

An authorized user from the affiliate can log on to this automatic system, and search online for the products and materials. He can prepare the purchase order by selecting the required items and forwarding them to the shopping cart. The supervisors from their interface can check the purchase order prepared by the user. The moment shopping cart is submitted it is accessible for the supplier and thus completely eliminating the delays in order processing.

SMO Interface:

In the pre e-business net scenario, all the orders passed through the SMO. The “e biz system� reduces the workload of SMO while at same time entertaining his authority. The SMO can monitor the orders by logging on to the system. He also has the provision for editing the shopping cart, if found necessary.

Supplier Interface:

Suppliers can log in at the ‘Supplier interface’ and can have a perusal of the orders received from different affiliates of SABIC. An acknowledgement via email can be sent to the affiliate user at once. Delivery progress can be intimated to the user from time to time. In short, total management of the supply process can be managed online.