Online games at work provide a good break

Networking websites and online games are an easy way to break the monotony at work. But they may even prove to be an impediment.

RS begins his day at work with a cuppa coffee, rummaging through his inbox, calking out a to do list for the day and of course, updating his mood on Face Book. Amidst the flurry of client meetings and multitasking to meet tight deadlines, he breaks away for a few minutes to try his hand at an online game to get a breather. By lunch, he proclaims another mood on Face book. G-mail is open on a browser window in the background throughout the day. He is not an isolated case. Surveys have indicated that an average employee spends at least an hour or two daily, on the internet at work for personal reasons – the usage varying from playing online games to instant messaging and the like.

Accessing social networking websites, online games and personnel mails at work provides a good break, considering we could end up working seven days a week. While studying MBA, we would be in constant touch with the outside world through these websites. But, with no access to such websites at work, one ends up feeling a bit disconnected. Experts feel an on line puzzle can help sharpen your mind and make you come back to work refreshed. These websites can sometimes also help you professionally. Being a production house, we use social networking tool to reach out to potential actors while we audition for shows.

Even as employees vote for accessibility some employers are also realizing the value of such websites in keeping their staff fresh mentally while taking small breaks with the websites. Some organizations believe in giving freedom to their employees and have not blocked any social networking websites as they facilitate networking for the kind of business we are in and keep our employees abreast with the latest happenings around the world. Elaborating, firms are in business space which requires their employees to be completely connected with new ideas, technologies and techniques from around the world. Social networking websites have become a new hub for marketers to tap consumers.

It’s the same for MD, Ecselis part of the Hawas Communications Group. They are in the advertising outsourcing business, and give their employees freedom to surf the internet, take breaks when required and allow online and offline games. However he is quick to add that the company expects employees to be disciplined and know where to draw the line.

But not everyone seems to agree. When using these websites, employees tend to get too involved and lose focus of the job at hand. Social networking websites neither have any business significance nor add any value to work. So they are best not accessed during work hours.

Such employers feel that proper work management is the best way of dealing with stress at work. You will never be stressed if you manage your work properly.

While employees and employers have their own perspectives on the uses of social networking websites, a Mumbai based psychologists believes, It is essential to have a balanced approach. Taking a ten minutes break from work – be it logging on to Face Book or playing an online jigsaw puzzle can help. However, it is important for an employee to keep a check on himself.

So while all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, the mantra is to focus on work and play it right.

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