Part time MBA programs have risen in popularity

Part time MBA programs are specifically designed for working professionals who need to work and study at the same time.

Quantum change and a paradigm shift in today’s turbulent world have revolutionized the way business is to be carried out with a constant need to address issues concerning higher productivity better quality and greater efficiency and effectiveness of business organizations. The young dynamic and result oriented leaders of such organizations need to be well equipped with the desired management knowledge and skills.

Part time MBA programs have risen in popularity in recent years, as employers continue to raise educational requirements for managers. The part time or executive MBAs are usually geared towards professionals who are looking to update the general management skills and prepare themselves for career advancement opportunities. What really sets the executive MBA apart from many other MBA programs is the level of experience and insights that students being to the program.

In most executive programs students’ professionals experience and expertise becomes an integral part of the curriculum.

The objective of the MBA program is to bring out the manager in you. There are quite a lot of qualities a manager possesses, such as leadership skills, strong communication skills and so on. For some people these qualities are portrayed in their day to day activities. But for some they are dormant. An MBA program from a good B-school will make sure that it gets the best out of you.

Part time MBA programs were specifically designed for these working professionals who need to work and study at the same time. Some of the advantages of part time MBA are:

Part time MBA lectures are conducted in the evening or on weekends so that regular work is not disturbed. One can complete work and then proceed to study.

It is mandatory for all students to have experience while joining the program the units of students in a class is that of working executives from different companies across several sectors. A strong network of contacts has always given leverage to professionals working in the industry and meeting such a vast network within your class can open up several new opportunities.

Part time MBA allows an enriched learning experience. More than simple knowledge dissemination that happens in a regular full time MBA, part time MBA classes encourage sharing of ideas between the faculty and the students as the students are equally equipped to bring the experience in their own company onto the table and into real life case studies.

Problem solving skills are better evolved with real life examples at every stage. The mapping of theory with real time situations at work place helps understanding the concepts much faster. At the same time part time students have an opportunity to share real life situations and problems in class where immediate solutions to these issues may be explored.

Part time MBAs are usually economical as compared to full time MBA options. In addition since one is already working, the regular flow of income is not interrupted. Very often organizations sponsor he fees to such programs as a retention inventive to their employees. Also education loans are available for these programs too.

With the part timer, a busy executive gets the convenience of timings and is able to pursue his study and can also balance his work Vs family life, not forego a year or two of earnings and not neglect an important factor, the fact that he develops fabulous industry wide contacts since his batch mates are also experienced like him. Once he completes his MBA, he has the name tag (assuming it to a good university or an institute only) as well as years of experience to back him. A whole range of opportunities are open to them. The picture can’t get rosier.

There is a perception that a part timer comes no where close to a full timer. If one were to consider both the programs from a reputed Institute then one needs to think if this belief is true as a part timer will definitely have work experience more than a full timer MBA because he shall continue working alongside. Every one may not want to drop a comfortable and well paying job to do an MBA especially if there are additional family responsibilities on their shoulders.

Prin LN Wellingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Mumbai has been running part time MBA programs since 1994. Welingkar has been ranked 4th in the Recruiters category, 3rd in Mumbai and 15th in the Best B-schools category by Business Today 2009. It has been ranked 9th in the private B-School category and top 10 B-schools in the west Zone category, 5th in Top B-schools in metros and 21st in top 75 B-schools category by the B-schools Survey 2009 conducted by Outlook.

The programs offered are Masters in Marketing Management (MMM with 120 seats, Masters in Financial management (MFM) with 60 seats, Masters in Information Management (MIM) with 60 seats and Masters in Human Resources Development Management (MHRDM) with 120 seats. Candidates with a bachelors Degree (10+ 2+3) from a recognized university with two years of work experience after graduation in the executive or supervisory cadre (two years to be completed latest until 30th June are eligible to apply.