Eco Pal & IBS

Eco Pal is an innovative extra-curricular program to sensitize school children to the challenges of global warming.

Global Warming and Climatic Changes have emerged as one of the most critical challenges before the world, leaving no part on the earth untouched. Some immediate action is required to be taken in this regards to the rise in the global temperature by 2 per cent, dropping crop productivity, increasing droughts, cyclones and wild fires.

As efforts are made at International and government levels to address the issues, it is clear that this challenge cannot be met without an understanding of these complex issues and a real participation from the grass-root level.

Countries such as the US and Spain have taken the lead as have Australia, Israel and Morocco and even the oil rich countries of Iran and Algeria. However, the transition to an economy based on renewbale energy and an alternate perspective for the future needs to be supported by increasing numbers of people at every level of society. The youth of today becomes a persistent part of the process. Climatic Change, and the debate revolving around it, is about the future of the planet and the life it will support, of which the youth is natural constituency.

Eco Pal is an innovative, systematic and customized extra curricular program for sensitizing Indian school children to the challenges. The Eco pal program is meant for Indian schools and seeks to induct students into this vital debate of our times by providing them with an early start into navigating the intricacies of this problem and building their own perspectives by the time they attain adulthood. In a country as diverse as India, creating an environmental movement requires concerted action from all sections of society.

The program is designed in 3 distinct modules for students of Grades Higher secondary and consists of an individual Quiz, Project, Essay Writing and finally the Inter School Contest. Recognition would be given to participants in the form of awards.

Shiv Parekh is the brain behind the exercise and has been commended by former VP of the US. This 17 year old, who conceptualized and initiated the program for school children, wants to make his mark and contribute his best to the environment. He is an inspiration for many in his peer circle to adopt the way of life and create awareness amongst people. Shiv made the movement; a complete student’s initiative and involved interested students as Eco Pal co-coordinators from each school to ensure better participation.

Many small instances have led to take up this awareness campaign. The depletion of natural resources, rising pollution levels and lack of apathy by our earlier generations has all but made me realize that it is we, the youth of today, who have to take a plunge and initiate measures to raise awareness. In Gandhi’s words, be the change you want to see in the world. They have also created a website for the purposes to make the entire effort more interactive and anticipate active participative.

At a higher level the management schools and one such case is consistently ranked among the top 10 B-schools of India, IBS Hyderabad has come a long away in enriching students’ lives by empowering them with management skills critical to become leaders in today’s competitive world.

Equipped with modern infrastructure, communication technologies, and a residential campus spread over a sprawling 90 acres in Hyderabad, IBS is home to management students from across the country enrolling here for a post graduate program in management. The four semester two year course curriculum comprises 28 courses, a summer internship program, a management research project, and two soft skills lab. In addition to this elaborate and contemporary curriculum the schools has affiliations and tie-ups with foreign varsities aiding students gain a much needed global exposure.

IBS also offers an Executive MBA program for individuals with work experience. The school also offers a Ph D program in the Management discipline. Their website provides details on the programs.