Abilities and skills

Knowing your abilities and skills and using them smartly is one of the keys to success. The simplest way to figure out a suitable role is by understanding your compatibility with different responsibilities. Here’s a glimpse at some roles. You can introspect to find out which one fits you the best.


Captain of the crew infuses vision, mission and energy into the team. If you’re often caught with fresh ideas, have an oratory that gives life to the dead beat and are also known for taking initiatives, you have the right makings.

However, the responsibility is not for introverts and shy hearted who score low on social communication. Conversation is crucial to conversant leadership and lack of it only guarantees communication gap, a term abhorred in corporate circles. But above al, as the title suggests in literal form, the prime job of the leader should be top lead and what better than by example.

Unlike the leader, who mainly focuses on initiative, the executer keeps the end in mind. People who own impressive record in punctuality and deadlines fall in this category. Since the executer’s prime job is to execute plans and policies having keen strategic sense becomes crucial to man the responsibility. Also, you really do not need to worry if you aren’t good at speaking so long as you talk less and do more.

For the coordinator, communication is compulsion; there is no alternative. A clean speech sharpened with exponent Lingo is the least eligibility required. As a coordinator, you need to convey expected results to concerned parties as your prime duty. A coordinator updates everyone on the progress of assignments time and again. Besides communication skills, people who recognize, appreciate and encourage other’s contribution, make stiff contenders to don the hat.

PR can as easily stand for personal rapport. Because that’s what a public relations professionals should strive for. The job requires a resonant personality and can graduate to demand a verity of skills as you move up the ladder. Best suited individuals for this position are those who can think on their feet anytime. There’s absolutely no room for the short tempered and ego-flaunters. A flair for organizing and multi-tasking will help you reach far.

A supervisor is part leader, part executor, part coordinator and part manager. That’s why, to supervise, you need to be super wise. Apart from being goal oriented, the domain demands technical knowledge, keen sense of judgment and decision making qualities. If you prefer taking responsibilities, this role fits you well. Laid back attitude can prove suicidal for the role.

While students are in the final stages of course completion, students have been placed in over 120 national and global organizations in the past couple of years alone across industry sectors. Multinational corporates like GE, Ernst & Young, bank of America, Deloitte, HSBC,UBS, JP Morgan , PriceWaterhouseCoopers, among a host of others who return academic year for recruitment National giants such as TCS, Wipro, Maruti Suzuki, Eicher Motors, HDFC bank, ICICI Bank, Reliance etc have also been recruiting regularly as well.

So what makes IBS the preferred choice for students interested in management education? Director of IBS Hyderabad, Professor says, The pedagogical methods we follow here are unlike any in the country. They are among the few B-schools that offer complete case studies based teaching to help students learn the details of management trends and practices, and thereby gain hands on experience even before they start working as full time professionals.

Owing to this method of teaching, our alumni have now successfully been able to shape a rewarding career for themselves in global corporations. The lively and rejuvenating atmosphere at the campus encourages students to take part in a host of extra curricular activities. The indoor and outdoor sorts, finance, theatre and an astronomy club, helps students unwind after an engaging day’s work at the classroom.