Sales person

For many job seekers without work experience, a job as a salesperson is in all probabilities the easiest to lay your hand on.

A great attitude is an asset any where and sales in no exception. Any successful salesman will tell you that it’s quintessential in the highly competitive arena of sales. Ask any sales leader about this and they will always start with the right attitude. Every other aspect of sales can be learnt on the job, but what can’t be is the attitude, which translates into the passion and the energy to convert energy every sales call into meaningful business.

Commenting on the principal signs of a fitting attitude for sales, sales executive with a leading telecom giant opines, the right attitude can range from having the ability to communicate with your customers to setting realistic goals.

According to a popular blog focusing on the profession, a successful salesman is able to take all ups and downs in his stride, cope with rejection, take advantage of opportunities and impress his/her enthusiasm and energy.

Handle rejection well: Rejection is going to show its face to you more often than anything else in this profession. As such, one must be prepared to handle it well. Sales in charge of an automobile showroom in suburban Mumbai advises, an adept sales person knows that just because some one doesn’t want what you are selling doesn’t mean that they dislike or disrespect you. In fact, more often than not, you and your product are unrelated to the prospect. They just don’t want what you’re selling and there’s no shame in that.

Have the power of persistence: the fact that you sell to far fewer people than you pitch is well known. Hence persistence is to key to making a sale. A sales trainer with a BPO shares, simply because a prospective customer has not responded calls, does not always mean that you give up. A salesperson with the right attitudes understands how to comprehend such situations and gives the prospective client the benefit of doubt. They may not have called back because they may have been busy with travel or other priorities. Sales persons from losing their enthusiasm when speaking to clients may not have responded to their calls earlier.

Be likeable: People appreciate salesman, who display positive energy are respectful have a proper understanding of the product and a genuine interest in making every interaction successful

Be realistic: It is important for salesmen to have a realistic view of their targets. While you may be brave to embrace big challenges, you need to be sensible enough to know your limits.

Keep learning: There is no such thing as knowing it all, and everyone has the ability to teach something. Hence, every experience is an opportunity for a salesperson to learn something new. As a salesperson, you are like a sponge, absorbing everything you can. This is how a novice becomes an expert in this profession.

Invest for the future: In order to remain at the top of the game, it is important for sales people to invest in themselves. Taking training seriously and invest time in that. Build, maintain and nurture relationships to ensure future business and work hard at deserving a reputation for honesty, integrity, service and support and lots of personal attention.

Attitude is all about understanding the reality of a situation and choosing to see the possibilities in it. Combined with enthusiasm, good education and well developed skills, it makes an ideal foundation, on which you can build successful sales career.