A full-fledged Human Resource department having stringent recruitment procedures results in the organization having highly skilled and professional employees. With the resources the organization can offer the latest training to the employees.

Nevertheless the human resource infrastructure the management must be in a position to find out whether they are getting100% efficiency from the employees and a fruitful relationship exists with the staff members who are well informed.

It is the performance of the employees that determine the fate of any organization. A highly skilled and mutually contributing staff is the dream of any organization. Now technology is far advanced to provide the opportunity to realize the dream. Today everyone in the industry realizes the fact that innovation in this field requires a paradigm shift and a rethinking on the existing strategies is essential, as well as the flow of information and knowledge within the organization has to be re worked.

There was a time when Intranets were offered as the only solution for HRM related concerns. But today technology has made rapid strides, and as a result of which more and more sophisticated and customized tools are coming to the center stage. Intranets are now gradually giving way to Enterprise Information Portals. These portals help to present up to date information before the employees. Sharing and creating knowledge motivates employees to learn and think in terms of a learning community. Collective learning fosters coping skills and builds change-resilience skills in a fast changing new environment.

Software is available even for recruiting staff based on the criteria prescribed in advance. Personalized training carried out online will cut the investments on training, and moreover this increases the efficiency of staff.

Employee Relationship Management is the catchword in the HRM departments today. ERM packages are a new breed of software applications that streamline the processes involved in hiring, training and managing employees. The innovative solutions of ERM focus on improving productivity. Some of the software packages earmarked for HRM are:

· Intranets
· Enterprise Information Portals
· Web conferencing
· Online recruiting
· E learning solutions
· Online personalized training
· Online Performance Evaluation tools

A common platform that supports tens of thousands of users and integrates users in different departments helps reduce paperwork and the time spent on jobs. On and offline access up to date ERM portals makes it easy to keep the employees informed and aids in the completion of time bound projects. Apart from lowering costs, ERM solutions bring in unprecedented efficiencies in day-to-day employee tasks and will take employee satisfaction to a higher plane.

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