Vocational Study provides outstanding professionals

Vocational study exchange is a trend that is fast catching on. Not only does it provide outstanding professionals opportunities to study their profession in another country, but also helps them enhance their long term career path.

Vocational studies that focus on skills and more importantly on applicability of skills are extremely important if managers and professionals are to keep abreast with the fast evolving workplace environment.

Are you currently employed full time in any business or profession and have worked in your vocational field for at least two years? Do you wish to travel to another country to study your profession? Do you want your travel experience to have a significant impact on your professional career? Well, a vocational study exchange is the right choice. There exists a huge gap between the educational system prevalent in the country and the skills sets required to make learners employable. A vocational study exchange program aims to bridge this gap between the learner’s background and the employable skills required by the industry. The current education system has a stark contrast between what the employer needs and what the employee has studied. Vocational education is fast catching on and has a significant impact on one’s professional career. Not only that, vocational study exchange programs also plays a huge in career advancement.

It is no longer sufficient to work hard but the need to work smart is felt more strongly than ever. Vocational studies that focus on skills and more importantly on applicability of skills are extremely important if managers and professionals are to keep abreast with the fast evolving workplace environment.

A Vocational study exchange program helps professionals enhance the scope of international positioning. Such programs enhance perspective and scope to a great extent in whichever field you belong to. Spending some time in a developed country gives a totally different exposure to the work culture, market trends etc.

While it is true that a vocational study exchange programs has a significant impact on one’s career, what role do corporates play in making such a program more useful to professionals? Vocational courses are usually positioned foe entry level positions. This forms the stepping stone to anybody wanting to start in a particular industry. Like many of the programs on offer at Future Learning Development, the learner is offered a guaranteed job in entry level positions on successful completion of all the requirements of the certificates. It also sometimes works as a building block for specific skill development that is required for career advancement.

Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the need to help their managers and professionals pursue vocational study in their respective streams. At Globsyn, they have institutional processes to help faculty pick up on varied domain skills and knowledge components. They regularly take part in the faculty development program (FDP) etc and encourage faculty to pursue research activities and attain PhDs in their respective domain.

A vocational study exchange undoubtedly calls for grooming of one’s self s/he is required to exchange ideas, participate in discussions, meetings, etc. Business School has introduced special grooming sessions where future managers are groomed to enter into the corporate world. They impart training to professionals in terms of cultural awareness, accent as well as mannerism in order to be able to get accustomed to the tradition and culture of another country.

In today’s work scenario management professionals need to deliver on challenges that require solutions that lie beyond the well laid out theoretical and structured courseware in the traditional education system. Vocational study exchange equips them with the right approach and skill set which allows them to deal with situations. Armed with these skills and abilities they are able to offer a competitive edge in the professional work space that helps them enhance career growth in the long run.

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