Organizations are looking for people who can start contributing

Students prepare for their careers and make a more rational choice, when deciding about their first job / employer.

It goes without saying that seeking quality talent is a must for the success of any organization. But several factors like industry academia gap, intense competition in the job market etc., prevent many employers from finding the right fit. Hence, many firms have devised various ways of bridging this gap, in a quest to attract competent, prospective employees.

Many a times, it happens that a fresh graduate straight out of college might have a professional certificate with high ranks but he/she may not be aware of the practical work environment and what is expected from him/her at work. This makes things difficult for both, the employee and the employer. To prevent this from taking place, now, many organizations have several initiatives in place to create awareness among professionals about the business world, even before he / she ventures into it. As part of our efforts to bridge the gap between what students learn at engineering colleges and what they are expected to know when they take up their first job, Cognizant has been organizing the event transition – an inter-collegiate tech fest for pre-final year engineering and MCA students. Transition gives students an insight into the world of IT business and an opportunity to interact with business and technology stalwarts from Cogniant, thus gaining valuable insight into the skills necessary to grow into successful professional.

On similar lines, Bosch Limited has the event, On the Track that allows students to experience first and technological innovations that Bosch is renowned for and get practical insights into the professional life of an engineer. On Track is a part of Bosch’s ongoing efforts to keep close contacts college professors and students. It provides practical experiences with Bosch products in operating mode and to give personal and practical insights into the work life at Bosch.

Such events mainly consist of various learning sessions, panel discussions, presentations, demonstrations of various technologies and products contests for participants etc. At On Track, Bosch engineers will explain development and functionality of Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), etc using simulators ad product models. In face to face discussions, they will also emphasize their personal contribution to these products in their day to day work and inform the visitors about professionals and personal requirements for a career within Bosch.

Apart from students, faculty members and placements officers from various institutions across India are invited to participate in these events. Experts say that at a time when organizations are looking for people who could start contributing to the organization from day one, such initiatives are win-win for both, the employee and the employer. Such events enable students to prepare for their careers and make a more rational choice when deciding about their first job / employer. Also, with this initiative, Bosch will get highly motivated talent that is fully aware of professional challenges and career prospects.

While providing professionals an opportunity to see the latest in the world of technology and business, the event also seeks to inculcate in them a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship before they step into the corporate world. Also, this gives us an opportunity to interact with the IT thought leaders of tomorrow; this program helps us understand what campuses expect of industry leaders like us and helps students and teachers industry expectations better and orient themselves accordingly. According to experts, an organization does not expect all students who participate in such events to join hem. But it is an opportunity for brand building among potential employees and students it gives a chance to explore opportunities within the organization and to prepare him/her to face the challenge at work. Unlike in the past, organizations today are not only concerned about attracting talent concerned but also shaping the talent. And for a professional, he/she goes first and information about the industry and trends which could help in making a more informed career choice.