Case on Orientation

Case on Orientation

Story 1 – Sheila’s first day @ SBS

“Good morning miss�, the security officer at the gate greeted Sheila. “ Whom do you want to meet?� “ I am Sheila Crown,� she answered. Security officer was waiting for her to continue. Sheila wondered and thought for her self ‘don’t they know that I am joining today?’ “I am joining Sterling Bank and today is my first day�. “Sorry miss we didn’t know – let me check with the HR Department – what’s your name you said?�

Incident at the security point was re-playing in Sheila’s mind again and again. She was sitting in the reception. ‘They must have hired a good interior deco guy’ thought Sheila looking at the reception. This is the first time Sheila visiting Sterling Bank of Sri Lanka (SBS). Her hiring process has taken place at the Corporate HR office of SBS in Colombo – Bank De VS. She has met the HR Director of SBS – Brown, Corporate Director & MD of SBS – at the office of Bank De VS.

When she was given the appointment letter, Brown asked her to report to work by 8.00 a.m. True it was 1 ½ hours drive from her residence in Colombo, but she managed to arrive by 7.45. If not for the internal politics at her previous place, she would not have joined this place with 3 hours on the road. Sheila looked at her watch again. It was 8.30 and she was sitting there for 45 minuets. The 02 nice looking and well-dressed ladies at the reception were busy handling calls and mails & packages couriered. Sheila was wondering whether they have forgotten her. She rose from the seat and started walking towards them.

The door behind the reception opened and a gent came out smiling. “Hi you must be Sheila, I am Bruce, HR Manager. You just came? Brown phoned me in the morning and said that you are coming today. He is in Colombo and will be coming late. Can you take a seat? I will go & have a look at the arrangements for you�.

‘Oh my god, they are not aware that I am coming today and now only they are getting ready with my arrangements – what a place’ she thought for her self. Since she has started her day early, she hadn’t had her breakfast and was getting hungry. Hunger, tiredness after a long drive and on top of that the impressions they have created on her about the company were making her feels like crying. She started writing a SMS to her husband Max – “U wer right. I tuk the wrng decsn�.

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