Students with GMAT scores of 650 and above can compete for scholarships.

BI Norwegian School of Management is an internationally recognized and accredited Instituted located in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Established in 1943, it has received EQUIS accreditation from the European Foundation for Management Development in 1999 and was reaccredited in 2005. BI was recently ranked amongst the top 50 business in Europe by the financial Times.

The brand new campus of the BI Norwegian School of Management on Oslo offers excellent facilities for students and faculty with a vibrant learning environment. It is centrally located in an emerging and lively business area of Oslo and has been home for 7,000 plus undergraduate and post graduate students. Students can thus work and study in a lively campus environment with innovative Scandinavian architectural design.

BI is undoubtedly one of the largest business schools in Europe with 9,000 full time and 9,700 part time students. BI functions in one of the most productive academic environments in the area of Business Economies, admi0nistartion, Marketing and Management.

BI offers the following two year programs at the M Sc level completely taught in English ML Sc in Business and Economics, International Marketing and Management, financial Economics, Marketing, Leadership and Organizational Psychology, Political Economy and Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

In their second year outdoor study, the students have sample opportunities to study a semester or a whole year at one of the BI’s more than 165 international partners. In India, the BI has exchange programs with MDI Gurgaon, IMT Ghaziabad and IIM Calcutta.

The Tuition fee for the M Sc program is 8,000 Euros per year and living costs vary from 8,000 to 10,000 Euros per year. Students can work part time earning around 13 Euros per hour. Students with GMAT scores of 650 and above and good academic record can compete for scholarships.

These scholarships include tuition fee waiver for the year. Additional partial grants to cover living costs are also available. In exceptional cases GMAT can be waived as an application requirement.

The International Marketing Program focuses on International Strategy and management, Cross Cultural Management and International Marketing gives the students an insight in the operation of international companies and prepares them for a career in International Business.

The Leadership and organizational Psychology program focuses on the human side of the organizations. It combines traditional, business studies with Management and Organization Psychology. Students get up to date knowledge in research related to leadership and organizational psychology and its applications to the tasks and challenges of management and leadership in modern organizations.

Bachelors in Shipping and Finance – The Bachelor program in Shipping and Finance at BI Norwegian School of Management will give you a taste of shipping, which has been exciting global industry. Norway is one of the leading shipping nations in the world and BI has a long tradition of teaching and carrying out research in the Shipping arena.

Students will understand the nuances of the shipping industry and its various segments develop analytical and strategic skills related to commercial, financial and organizational opportunities and challenges in international shipping business.

They will be able to analyze and evaluate shipping investment proposals and analyze financial statements from large shipping groups, smaller shipping firms and private single purpose shipping enterprises. The students would also understand the basics of maritime legislation and contractual framework of international shipping.

The entrance to the program is based on the 10th and 12th grade marks in India and a letter of motivation. TOEFL, and SAT are not required if the medium of instruction is E5nglish. One year of University education post 12th grade is mandatory for prospective candidates.

The tuition fee is 7,500 Euros per year and living costs vary from 8,000 to 10,000 Euros. Students can work part time earnings around 13 Euros per hour.

Scholarships are available to excellent candidates. These scholarships include tuition fee waiver for the first year and 50% tuition fee waiver for the second and third year.

Bachelor program in Business Administration:

BI also offers a Bachelor program in Business administration. The program duration is three years. The tuition fee is 7,500 Euros per year. Admission to the program is based on 10th and 12th grade marks and a letter of motivation. The above two bachelor programs are taught in English.

Three Executive MBA Programs from BI:

The executive MBA in Shipping, Offshore and Finance is intended for participants, who are familiar with the shipping industry as well as for freshers who intend to work in the sector. This is a global program designed for participants who hold a University degree (a bachelor’s or equivalent) with significant work experience and who can speak and write fluent English.

The program is professionally oriented and designed to give the participants an understanding of the key drivers, management challenges and different strategies in the shipping and offshore industry. This is done by combining the latest research and theory in a practice oriented hands on approach. This is a joint program between BI Norwegian School of Management and Nany8ang Business School.

The Executive MBA program in Energy Management will allow students to develop their general management skills further and update their knowledge of the current energy issues. The program is offered in partnership by BI Norwegian School of Management in Os lo, Norway, Nayang Business School, NTU in Singapore and IFP school in Paris. Each of these three partner schools contribute their specific expertise based on excellent research and strong links with energy industries, inter – governmental organization and public authorities worldwide.

This program offers a unique mix of general management issues, energy oriented courses and specific insights into the Asian and Oceanic regions.

The third program in the executive MBA is titled The International Executive Master of Business administration (EMBA).This program is based on SIX numbers of two week modules that run over a period of 18 months starting mid January 2010.