PGDM (e-Biz)

The PGDM e-Biz program is a unique blend of MBA curriculum with nearly 20 technology related conceptual) subjects. It is aimed at preparing techno-savvy managers who can be effective leaders driving innovative business models and transforming businesses as they embrace and leverage technology. Most industries today such as Banking, Insurance, IT, ITES / BPO, Retail, Pharma, FMCG, Telecom are highly geared on IT and need people who can integrate technology with business strategy – The e-Biz program does precisely this. The course has all the usual specializations such as Marketing / finance / Operation / HR and now retail. What is unique is that the student also selects an Industry Segment focus on. This subject is like a Finishing Course for the student to prepare him thoroughly for that industry. Recruiters are happy about this since the students are focused and well prepared for those industries and it makes it very easy for the recruiter to identify the right talent from the large number who apply.

The PGDM E-Biz program is designed to take care of the diverse backgrounds of students – whether they are commerce, science, arts or engineering graduates.

The roles for E-Business students have ranged from conventional functional business roles to Pre-sales, Consulting Business Analysis Project Management to name a few.

New Pedagogy

1) Teaching subjects in an integrative manner
2) Learning by doing prototyping, hands on and experiential learning as designers tend to learn through activities.
3) Use of multiple media to present and to learn
4) Critical Thinking which questions every aspects
5) Holistic Thinking – A human centered approach looking at all aspects before arriving at solutions. The best way to have to holistic view of business is to have an integrated learning approach that can be effectively imparted using project based learning. The biggest advantage of project based learning is the development of the skill of defining the problem first and then thinking of breakthrough solutions for the same.

Corporations today are not the same as they were yesterday because the way the market is driven is unforeseen. There were new ways of doing business and ever evolving newer rules of the game. They are in the middle of a massive change.

Learning by transcending boundaries:

Welingkar Education provides a large number of opportunities for students to learn through international exposure. Students have undertaken internships and projects in countries such as USA, Japan, Ghana, Denmark, Germany, Kenya, Dubai, Malaysia, Tanzania, Sweden, Singapore, and Romania among others. The students participate in the Study Tours conducted to leading organizations in Japan and Sweden. Among the companies where they have interned are Siemens Medical solutions AG, Bearing Point GMBH in Germany America express, AT&T in USA, Jumbo Electronic Co Ltd., Sharaf Group in UAE, Ericsson and ABB Robotics in Sweden, Freudenberg IT in Singapore Toyota and Asahi Breweries in Japan Kentainers in Kenya, HSBC in Qatar, Malaysia Transformer Manufacturing (MTM) in Malaysia, Contor Zenner / BegaElectro Motor Corporation in Romania, BIDCO oil Refineries Ltd in Kenya, Electricity Company of Ghana Ltd and Gratis foundation, Ghana to name a few.

Apart from connecting with organizations, Welingkar also encourages students to learn about working in international groups through the Universities it partners with through student exchange programs. The Copenhagen Business school offered one such opportunity here, one of the Welingkar students with a Biotechnology background selected a course in Marketing Communications where he worked on a project with group members from Italy, turkey and Lithuania. The exposure also provided an opportunity to learn from the social interactions with students coming from various continents viz Asia, America and Europe. The perspectives they brought to the table broadened the students approach to learning and addressing challenges.

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