Indian Management School and Research Center

Indian Management School and Research Centre offers MBAs through distance learning

MBA has become a most desirable educational qualification for any career opportunities rates and organizations seek MBA educated employees for management related jobs. Since the last few years it has been observed that employers insist on MBAs even for entry level jobs. However, there are huge numbers of people who are working executives and are unable to opt for the regular MBA or even part time courses because of personal and job related responsibilities. There are a good amount career opportunities like promotions, better job jumps, transfers for better salary available to them but they are helpless without the MBA.

Indian Management School and Research Center, a leading management institute has been established to offer distance learning MBA and other management programs with an objective to help those executives who wish to do international standard MBA at an affordable cost, while continuing their 9 to 9 daily pressure. IMSR has become the third largest management institute in India in the unique a category of offering distance learning MBA under collaborating with a USA based university.

It’s great opportunity for working executives to have MBA at a every affordable cost and flexibility without compromising their current job timelines.

They started management education eight years back and now have more than 15 centers across India and overseas which caters to students from Asia Middle East, south East Asia and African regions.

The state of the art E- Learning platform has been made available to al students, who wish to go through the study material online. IMSR is offering MBA in more then 50 electives, which is possible only by getting knowledge based know how support from the international faculty.

Employees form Reliance, ITC, Satyam, network 18 and many more corporates have taken advantage of this opportunity and have excelled further in their respective fields. Placement is the only objective for which any student will think to do MBA. IMSR is providing placement support right from day one of the admission which is a unique service for all IMSR students.

Make your wait worthwhile after MBA:

Can you count the number of hours you have spent waiting outside clients’ offices? We’re sure that most of you will say no. You might have stared at the front desk girl, flipped through some mags, scratched your chain or just looked around aimlessly.

Check material: You can always utilize those extra five ten minutes for some last minutes home work. Read up the papers, go through your presentations, revise your figures etc.

Arrange you material: Use those few minutes to arrange your material in the order you will need them. Put your papers in order, keep the CDs ready or write down points you would like to highlight. Such preparedness will surely help you.

Read up notice boards: Utilize that time to read up notice boards. Normally birthdays new ventures, company’s mission statement, etc are written on notice boards. You can use that information to surprise to surprise a business partner on his birthday or make the right sales pitch.

Keep a pen handy: Most of us forget to carry a pen with us to client meets, calls, meetings, which can be very embarrassing. If you have a pen you can use it to jot down points that you would like o highlight in your conversation or write down figures that might be of some use to you.

Practice the conversation: Try practicing your conversation in your spare time. You can decide on how you will introduce yourself or how will you start the conversation, bring up your agenda and so on.

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