The value system of an organization

Retaining talent can happen not only through promotion and perks as companies are beginning to realize that allowing employees to follow their heart is another way to ensuring their longevity in the company.

When NT of Ogilvy advertising wanted to pursue theatre alongside work, all he had to do was, approach his boss and say ‘I want to do this.’ Although not everyone may have it this easy, organizations are making sure that employees get a chance to express their creative desires as a means to reduce tension.

Ensuring a balance induces fresh thinking, innovation, engagement and thereby more loyal employees. C Bay Systems strongly believe in supporting and maintaining a healthy work life balance. In today’s times, employees have a tendency to get bogged down with increasing levels of work stress. For many organizations, allowing individuals to follow their hobby matches the company philosophy. We are always forth coming and accommodating when it comes to allowing people to follow their hearts.

A rock music junkie who works for People’s Group was pleasantly surprised to find his HR manager at his show one evening. “When I joined Bombay Rock Association one and a half years ago, my company was very supportive when it came to allowing me to go for shows. Their only condition was that I should not let my work suffer in the process”. Galagali has been working for the public relations firm for three years. They have even loaded a review of my show on the company blog.

So, even as companies encourage employees to follow their hobbies, they are not far behind when it comes to providing employees with a platform to help them get the desired visibility for their talent. Intelenet has an active cricket and football teams that participates in various corporates level and inter BPO tournaments. Employers who are professional cricketers, footballers and have made a mark at the national level firm the respective cricket and football teams. The cricket team has been actively participating and winning tournaments such as Teams shield, whereas the football team recently proved dominance in the field of corporate football by winning Signature Crest Corporate Football Tournament. In fact, an employee who actively pursued kickboxing was encouraged and sponsored by Intelenet to participate in the World Thai Kickboxing Championship. To his merit, he won the Championship. The global economic slow down long work hours and a hectic profession all life leave individuals feelings jaded and bogged down. Whatever the route, companies continue to look for unique ways to motivate their employees increase their productivity and retain their best talents.

The value system of an organization is driven by the core beliefs in respect to individuals and transparency and these values are carried forward in their interactions with candidates aspiring to work with us. Interview is a commonly used term to describe the interaction that take place during the selection process; however at ADP they prefer to use the term discussion as this denotes the true culture of the organization. As part of the selection process at ADP, efforts are made to value the candidate as well as provide appropriate feedback as per the discussions conducted.

A feed back given constructively can work wonders for candidates. It helps them identify their development areas and also see their blind spots. This way, they are able to work on individual development besides what their current employers are doing are them. Also, sharing the result firstly leaves a positive impression on the candidates as they are left guessing.