Technology transformation to communication and business

Technology has transformed the way we not only communicate, but also do our business. As you continue to make a prominent presence online by uploading pictures, creating online forums and chatting with friends and friend of friends, it has become all the more important for you, as employees, to act responsibly and not misuse the benefits of such sites / blogs towards the company’s disadvantages. Here’s how you could covert a technological bane into lucrative boon.

One of Caretel Infotech Ltd’s employees, who is into business development is using her presence on social networking sites (SNS) to get in touch with the top brass of big corporate houses; this helps her build new contacts that can eventually facilitate exploring business prospects. Many employees like B have come to realize the various benefits of utilizing blogs and SNS towards the company’s advantage. Human beings are gregarious by nature and any medium which enables them to achieve this basic instinct is always bound to succeed. The social networking site gives an individual the power to communicate by flattening the geography, area of expertise / knowledge time barrier and at no cost. Moreover these sites and blogs act as good forums to share, communicate acquire or enhance an area of interest. A social network is made of individuals (or organizations) who are tied (connected) by one or more specific types of interdependency such as friendship financial exchange, relationships, beliefs, knowledge, prestige etc. the fast paced life that we lead has become a way to vent out feelings, emotions essentially and also get to know people as the time for in-person meetings has come down and there is too much to do over the weekend.

At Progress software many of the key management team members including, MD & VP (Products), Progress Software India are on the company blog. They write about the emerging technologies and discuss use cases and customer situations where her products service the needs. This is a continuing activity that gets good dividends. Additionally they do have their personal logs. Here again, with professional work life occupying at least 50 percent of their life and mind, they end up blogging about technologies et al related to work. These often help get some traction and business leads.

Amaltas Retail looks at SNS as a boon. Their employees frequent these sites and explore this forum as an opportunity to talk about the latest products at LUSH or their other bands, therefore creating the buzz that is requisite in the market. Apart from, generating awareness, employees can benefit and use these sites as this is the most suitable environ to build reputation, promote business and building relationships with people having same interests. CNO and CPO, Mahindra Satyam says that you can use SNS towards your advantage through he following: 1) develop potentially professional relationships that is beneficial to the company; 2) employees, who engage in expressing their thought leadership on various subjects, can be seen as brand ambassadors of the company and 3) demonstrate the culture of the company through the extent and richness of your participation.

But then every coin has two sides, right? Should companies restrict people from visiting such websites? Do such sites hamper productivity? And more importantly, can introducing a social media policy in many ways?

ED & CEO Draft FCB Ulka, Mumbai adds, It has been noted in the US that blogs and websites have given rise to a form of virulent criticism of organizational behavior. Strong of management, supervisors, etc is very common in the US. While healthy criticism is important, strident form of criticism can be damaging to the morale of the organization. At a basic level, social net sites are no different from just plain Internet browsing, so it is not necessary to introduce a social media policy. It tends to be addictive at the end of the day we are dealing with professionals, who deliver when clear goals and activities are set. How they deliver should be left to them. Of the usage of the social networking sites is bothering their deliverables, it should again be left to them to assess and deal with. As an organization all we need to track is about the tasks and deliverables.

Therefore, the key lies in understanding your responsibility towards using such sites and using them only towards (as an employee) and your company’s advantage. And your employer will be only happy to oblige!

A few tips to utilize social networking websites responsibility:
1) Don’t post any information about the company without getting approval from the corporate communication team.
2) Avoid discussions on specific people / processes related to the company. Use their discretion and power of judgment before posting information
3) There are people who believe in malicious use of photography and personal information users should refrain from going overboard with their personal information.
4) Change privacy settings that make sensitive information available only to friends