HR System Integration

Improved Reporting Capability:

Because the HRIS is comprehensive with respect to the number of HRs it handles, the installation of such a system significantly improves HR’s reporting capabilities.

For most of these systems, the number and variety of reports possible is limited only by the manager’s imagination. For a start, reports might be available (company wide and by department) for: health care cost per employee, pay and benefits as percent of operating expense, cost per hire, report on training, volunteer turnover rates, turnover costs, time to fill jobs, and return on human capital invested (in terms of training and educations fees, for instance). Similarly you might want to calculate and review: human resource cost information by business unit: personal and performance information on candidates for global assignments; demographics pf the candidate pool to meet diversity reporting requirements; benefits plan funding requirements and controls; union membership information; information required for HR if a merger, acquisition or divestitu9re is expected and data on your global executive level population for development promotion and transfer purposes.

Because its software components (record keeping payroll appraisal and so forth) are integrated, a true HRIS enables an employer to dramatically reengineer its entire HR function by having the information system itself take over and integrate many of the tasks formerly carried out by HR employees.

The system installed at PeopleSoft (now part of Oracle Corporation) provides a good example of the Sophisticated workflow technology routes promotions, salary increases, transfers, and other forms through the organizations to the proper managers for approval. As one person signs off, it’s routed to the next. If any one forgets to process a document, a smart agent issues reminders until the task is completed. Training materials including video are almost entirely online, and a; payroll checks are distributed electronically.

But the company’s hiring process may be the most futuristic aspect of all. Applications sent via the World Wide Web or fax are automatically deposited into a database; those submitted on paper scanned into the computer and plugged into the same database. Once a hiring manager has elected an applicant for an interview, the system phones that person and asks him or her to select an interview time by punching buttons on a touchtone phone. At the end of the call, the client /server database notifies the interviewers of the appointment, and even offers a reminder the day of the interview. It’s all handled without human interaction. And an orientation program for new hires works much the same way.

HRIS Application: Because of such capabilities even many midsize firms are installing HR information systems toady. For example, Grand Casinos Inc installed an HRIS called the Human Resource Manager a package from PDS, Inc to help with the hiring of several thousand new casino employees. This system consolidates the human resources operations of Grand Casinos nine separate properties and lets these operations share resumes and other applicant information. State Capital Credit Union in Madison, Wisconsin with 105 employees, installed a desktop version of an HRIS called Spectrum HR / 1200. This system tracks applicant history and status salary ad staffing changes across departments, benefits plan participation, pension plan contribution employee training and turnover. It maintains compliance statistics. and wage and hour information. State capital’s system also performs other HR tasks including internal job postings, benefits billing payroll reconciliation and personalized letters and labels for applicant and employee correspondence. For larger installations major IT firms including IB provide the required HR systems integration. For example, IBM provides software under its ‘On Demand Workplace Program’. Under this Program IBM offers integrated HR software from several developers, including work brain (for instance, labor scheduling, and time and attendance) and Store Perform (for work load optimization in retail stores). Similarly, when Chiron Corp. A large pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, found it needed to integrate its existing computer base HR system component solutions, it turned to the large information systems firm SAP. For example, SAP was able to integrate its own proprietary human resources information system with an online recruiting tool from that Chiron had been using wanted to continue to use.

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