Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar and Godrej Adhaar (India)

Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar is a pioneering micro level effort, which is creating a far reaching positive impact in bringing a qualitative change and revolutionizing the farming sector in India. It is also an example of how well meaning corporates can contribute to the development of agriculture by building sustainable business models.

DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd (DSCL) capitalizing its over 35 years of experience in the agro-input and first hand knowledge of Indian farmers, is setting up a chain of centers aimed at providing end to end ground level support to the Indian farmer and thereby improving his profitability and productivity.

The key constraints of the Indian farming sector that are being addressed by Hariyali (greenery) are:

1) Lack of last mile delivery mechanism of modern agriculture know how and practices
2) Lack of availability of critical good quality agro-inputs
3) Middlemen driven farmer interface
4) High cost credit
5) Lack of direct access to buyers of varied & high value crops.

The Hariyali Kissan (farmer) Bazaar chain seeks to empower the farmer by setting up centers which provide all encompassing solutions to the farmers under one roof.

Each Hariyali Kissan Bazaar center operates in a catchment area of about 20 kms. A typical center caters to agricultural land of about 50000-70000 acres and impacts the life of approx 15000 farmers

Each center is engaged in:

Bridging the last mile:
Provides hand holding, to improve the quality of agriculture in the area. Provides 24X7 support through a team of qualified agronomists based at the center.

Quality Agro-Inputs: Provides a complete range of good quality, multi-brand agro- inputs like fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, farms implements and tools, veterinary products, animals feed, irrigation items and other key inputs like diesel and petrol at fair prices.

Financial Services: Provides access to modern retail banking and farm credit through simplified and transparent processes, as also other financial services like insurance etc

Farm Output Services: Farm produce buy back opportunities access to new markets & output related services.

Other Products ad Services: Fuels, FMCG, Consumer Goods Durables and Apparels etc.

These centers provide the much needed respect/ dignity and freedom to the Indian farmer. In the near future, Hariyali Kisaan Bazaars plan to more beyond agriculture to meet the other needs of famers as customers.

IT has been a critical backbone to the chain of centers. It is being used to provide online support on latest technical advancements, weather forecasts, mandi (market) process, fair and transparent billing to farmers as well as in maintaining extensive farmer databases with micro information about the farmers’ field to provide customized service to the farmers. So far, over 100 Hariyali outlets have been set up in different state across India, which the company plan to scale up to 300 by Dec 2008.

Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar has plans to rapidly scale up the operations and create a national footprint covering all the major agricultural markets of the country. This would mean catering to cultivate land of over 30 million acres and touching the lives of over 10 million farmers.

Godrej Agrovet Ltd a part of the Godrej Group with an annual turnover of Rs 8.5 billion is into a diversified agro business – animal feed, integrated poultry business, agro-chemical, oil, palm plantation and processing. Goderej Aadhar is the retail outlet of Godrej Agrovet with a vision to be the compete solution provider to the farmer’s rendering farm advisory services credit facility to farmers, providing up to date information on weather, price , soil and water testing facility, FMCG / consumer durables etc to farmers Presently, there are 22 Aadhaar outlets across the country.

Each Aadhar outlet services around 20 villages in its radius. Every Aadhar has a team of qualified agronomists who interact with farmers on a daily basis and travels to the villages in the interior to educate them on farm practices.

During March ’06 a meeting was organized in New Delhi between the Chief of marketing & Sales, Sales Manager – Institutional (North) of Tata Agrico and Category Manager – Agro Inputs of Godrej Agrovet Ltd. Based on the Business model mutually agreed upon, Tata Agrico has populated the shelves of all 22 Aadhar outlets across the country, with products like Powrah, Sickle etc which are saleable to the farmer community. The main objective of this business venture of Tata Agrico is to enable its products to reach the farmers in the rural interiors of the country at the right price.

Every Sansar is equipped with administrative office a training hall a crop clinic a soil testing laboratory a research and development farm, a storage go down an exhibition hall and a TKS retail outlet all under one roof.