New avenues in the field of education

With e-learning the courses curriculum does not remain dull and redundant but is progressive and in-sync with current market demands.

Owing to its reach and flexibility e-learning is fast gaining popularity among students across sections.

While globalization has brought with it technological advancement and newer tools of communication, it has also opened up a number of avenues in the field of education. Once confined to the four walls of a classroom, learning has now moved beyond the traditional format onto the virtual medium. E-learning or online learning, as it is popularly called, is fast emerging as a popular mode to acquire degrees or specialized certificates in various fields such as computers, science, biotechnology, commerce, arts, psychology, etc for a number of reasons.

With the introduction of diverse applications, e-learning has now made it easier for students to enroll at International universities and gain access to third dynamic syllabi and reputed faculty at a cost effective price. A major advantage that online learning offers is the flexibility to learn at one’s own convenience. Courses are no longer confined to on-campus lecturers but also off campus sessions across nations. Toady, universities offer a number of programs through various of virtual learning such as. WIFI, Youtube, video conferencing, etc. In fact online sessions have become so popular that they are now part and parcel of regular programs as well. With e-learning the course curriculum does not remain dull and redundant but is progressive and in sync with current market demands.

Online learning is also a viable mode to pursue further education without disrupting your regular professional life and flow of income. Take the case of SS, who is pursuing an Executive MBA from the S P Jain Institute of Management. Shares SP he planned to do an MBA after working for a few years. However, as he progressed in profession, it became increasingly difficult to lave his job. That is when he decided to opt for an executive e-learning. The off campus lectures are conducted over the internet and this extremely convenient for him. He dedicates only a few days in the month on campus a study via the internet month-on the weekends. Speaking about this flexibility that e-learning provides Salunkhe, says with e-learning geographical distances have been erased. This has proven most advantageous to individuals with physical disabilities who can now continue their education without attending regular lectures. These programs are also a blessing for, women especially those had to give up their education due to familial responsibilities. She goes on to add that since there are no entrance exams or selection procedure for admissions to online programs candidates an easily pursue the course of their choice while saving time and money. Another benefit of e-learning is that given rise to the new age student who is more conscious and independent with the ability to think beyond boundaries without the supervision of any authority. It has also given risen to education that is not just restricted to an examination but one that empowers an individual with knowledge.

E-learning has also gained momentum among students looking to pursue supplementary education before going abroad to pursue higher studies. Says B, who is presently pursuing a course in quantitative finance via e-learning from an institute in London, he needed to build his base in finance after completing engineering and before pursuing my MBA abroad. His e-learning course has successfully fulfilled this need.

While e-learning surely has its positives, it is yet to gain as to its penetration. For an individual who needs to be driven constantly, university class would be a better bet. Having said this, e-learning is slated to grow at a competitive rate in the coming years.. Enhancements in technology will bring with it more collaboration tools, which will further enhance this industry. E-learning is still at a nascent stage in India compared to other countries where it is hugely recognized. In fact, one can even opt for highly specialized e-learning courses in gardening and parenting in many countries. In India, it is offered only be certain universities and institutes, but this is slowly changing. With a number of schools promoting the no paper way of learning, e-learning will hopefully take center stage in the next ten to twelve years.