Emerging careers and retaining talent

Event management:

An event manager must keep three main points in mind: the project must meet be client requirement, the project must be under budget and a project must be on time. The event manager must define the event, reduce the event reduce the event to a set of manageable tasks obtain appropriate and necessary resources and build a team.

Extracurricular activities by way of games and after office get-togethers made their appearance in Indian workplaces quite a while ago, but in recent times, they have gained precedence like never before.

Companies are getting increasingly creative in their bid to keep employees happy and stress free.

Recession and off loading of employee is passé. Companies are back to worrying bout soaring attrition rates and what better way to retain employees than to minimize their stress levels? Extracurricular activities by way of games and after office get-togethers made their appearance in Indian workplaces quite a while ago but in recent times, they have gained precedence like never before.

If Directi gets its employees to groove, Intelenet global Services believe in having a whole committee dedicated to extracurricular activities. Dance classes are a part of almost every Directian’s schedule, where dance forms like Fox, Trot, Rumba, Rock ‘n Roll, Tango and the Waltz help them let off steam. Then, there are the exciting Friday night gaming sessions, where Directians compete with each other at a game of Counter Strike. The health conscious can opt for the yoga sessions conducted regularly at Directi.

Talking about their unique initiative, chief HR officer, Intelenet says, Intelenet has a dedicated in-house social committee with the sole responsibility of engaged employees in activities and events that refresh the mood of the employees and rejuvenates them to get back to work. Intelenet organizes an event called ‘Friday Dhamal’ which features contests like face painting, arm wrestling, carom contests, housie, etc The highlights of Intelenet’s Fun at Work’ initiatives in 15 day long unfilled Employee Appreciation Program which recognizes and rewards performers and achievers for their contribution. CBay Systems continues the tradition of celebrating special occasions. These include institutionalizing special days such as Family day, Cultural day, Sports day, etc. They also have a number of activities around most Indian festivals and other significant days. Even training programs go beyond the boundaries of classroom training and are infused with fun.

Sports and physical exertion have always been found to heighten mental alertness and therefore, productivity at work. They have outbound off sites on team exercises like white water rafting, rappelling etc. They have planned an offsite program at Kolad (Maharashtra) on a similar theme. Intelenet has an active cricket and a football team that participates in various corporate level and inter-BPO tournaments. The cricket team was been actively participating and winning tournaments such as Intelenet Premier League, Times Shield, where as the football team has proved dominance in the field of corporate football by winning Signature Crest Corporate Football Tournament.

Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is gaining substantial importance in countries with economies in transition, like India. Career options in the field of technology transfer are environmental need assessment, energy optimization, (international) trade processing handling taxation and patent legislation as well as usage of variety of governmental incentives.

Knowledge management

Knowledge Management is a broad concept that addresses full range of processes by which an organization deploys knowledge. A knowledge manager’s job involves acquisition, retention, storage, distribution and use of knowledge in the organization.

E-Business Management

E-Business refers to a strategic focus on enhancing efficacy of business function using electronic capabilities. An E- Business manager’s job involves managing the integration of information and communication technology in business processes spanning the entire value chain: electronic purchasing and supply chain management, processing orders electronically handling customer service and cooperating with business partners.


Today, anew breed of entrepreneurs has hit the market! With a lot of venture capital; money flow into India, these Young Turks with innovative business ideas have no dearth of funds. Many ideas are implemented with an eye on an IPO (Initial Public Offering) where they might be able to innovate and grow with the money flowing in.

The last decade has seen India move on an economic fast track because of its desire to be a global player, a large brain — bank and liberalized governmental policies. This has thrown up career opportunities in unconventional management areas.