Characteristics that employers prefer

Characteristics that employers prefer these days are a positive outlook, self awareness, effective and empathetic communication skills, adaptability and flexibility, strong self belief and high self esteem.

In this age of cut throat competition, it going to take more than your academic qualifications and enviable skill sets to fetch you that dream job. You need to possess that extra zing if you’re going to win over prospective employers. What are that qualities that can help you make that perfect first impression and get improve you chances of getting that job? Education Times, in association with the Indian School of Integrated Learning (ISIL) a business proficiency skill development school attempted to present you with the right answer to the above mentioned question at a recently held seminar.

The topic of the seminar was Skills for Employment Techniques to Create a Positive Impact. If the number of students and professionals attending the seminar was anything to go by, then it could safely be deduced that the seminar was a huge success.

The event began with how the education system has changed over the past few years. Unlike the situation in past years, when technical colleges would only impart practical training, today, institutes also focus on equipping students with the requisite soft skills. The emergence of placement cells in various top rung as well as mediocre institutes is another face that conformed that students today also looked at the employability factor of a course before enrolling for it. Courses in applied behavioral sciences and individual training have made a huge impact on the recruitment scenario.

Taking the seminar to a different more engaging level, was Smith’s innovative and insightful game, called which animal are you? This game was designed to help participants identify what kind of employees they were. Participants were asked to select a few prominent characteristics from the options that were given to them. They were labeled as lion, owl, horse and monkey. According to the typical traits of a lion are authoritarian, task-oriented, less relationship oriented, someone who saw the big picture and did not pay attention to micro detailing. The owl on the other hand, was a domain specialist and paid attention to precision. A horse was a people oriented and task oriented person. He/she was generally complacent and preferred to stay away from unpleasant situation, including arguments. Lastly, a monkey was someone who was talkative, believed in building relationship was a quick decision maker, and welcomed frequent appreciation.

On being asked which of the above characteristics figured on an employer’s preferred list, an expert said the essential characteristics that employers prefer these days are a positive outlook, self awareness, effective and empathetic communication skills, adaptability and flexibility strong self belief and high self esteem. In fact, a recent research by Sun Microsystems showed that the top three areas that play a huge role while getting a job are image, visibility and performance. The best way to make a positive impact on a potential employer was to be natural normal and truthful in whatever information you provided to the organizations. Secondly, a candidate must pay attention to attire, body language, gestures and presentations. Being yourself , alert truthful and professional was of utmost importance.

The forum was lastly thrown open to participants to share their viewpoints and ask any questions. Of the several questions that the experts fielded, one worthy of being mentioned here was, why is it that a course like business proficiency skills is not a part of the regular curriculum? The duration system needs to be revamped to make it industry oriented. Updating curriculum on a regular basis was important to ensure we were at par with the fast changing environment.