Employability Potential Assessment

Before employees can be recruited, recruiters must have some clears ideas regarding the activities and responsibilities required in the job being filed. Jon analysis is therefore an early step in the recruitment process. Once a specific job has been analyzed, a written statement of its content and location is incorporated into the organization chart. This statement is called either a job description or a position description. Each box on the organization chart is linked to a description that lists the title, duties, and responsibilities for that position.

The Employability Potential Assessment at Campus (EPAC), an employability assessment tool promises to revolutionize campus placement programs by raising their efficiency and effectiveness while significantly reducing the cost for recruiter.

Campuses are usually faced with a daunting task during the placement season. With heavy investments in infrastructure B- schools host bright ambitious youngsters for intensive training; they are subsequently faced with the prospect of having to attract the attention of recruiters amidst a high degree of competitive clutter. Most companies have dedicated placement resources, but these resources are hamstrung or lack of access and bandwidth to attract the best quality of recruiter profile.

Recruiters on the other hand, today are required to evaluate and compare students of an increasing variety of educational campuses. In such a situation, pre-recruitment election tools and processes need to be scaled up to credibly evaluate and sort out larger number of participants than ever before. Increase in the number of institutes which are covered under the company’s campus recruitment program implies an increase in cost and effort. Consequently, most recruitment managers would want to stick to the tried and tested campuses rather than experiment with the new and unknown.

Ascent aims to offer a level playing field for each B-school to showcase their students purely on merit to top corporate recruiters in India. Students would be fairly compared regardless of inbuilt handicaps arising out of institutions’ a) location disadvantage, b) lack of brand name and c) capability to connect to recruiters.

Ascent has introduced a revolutionary concept of Employability Potential Assessment at Campus (EPAC) to meet the above objectives of campuses and recruiters. It is a paper based employment test battery implemented to all AICTE approved business schools in the country. This will test the candidate for his/her communication skills, analytical abilities and practicing managerial abilities. With this input, a national talent bank is complied which is completely customizable based on requirements from each recruiter on institute and candidate. Such a database, when available to recruiters becomes a map to guide the direction and intensity of the campus recruitment while ensuring that no potential target is missed. It helps in shortening relevant candidates, irrespective of their physical location before the start of the recruitment cycle. The process ensures short listing of the best possible candidates rather than of the best available candidates.

This data generates no single merit list, but students are prioritized in groups based on the specific requirements of the respective company.

EPAC hopes to bring about a much needed level playing field B-schools beyond the numerous B-school ranking studies. For recruiters, it makes the data assimilation much simpler while making their evaluations more scientific without additional time and cost burdens.

In this endeavor, ascent will assist recruiters in accessing talent through:

1) A credible tool to identify their potential employee base across institutes in the country.
2) Benchmarking data to effectively chart their hiring B-school road map
3) Customized output based on each company’s specific job requirement
4) Quick identification of the relevant profiles in each campus.
5) Reduction in the energy and money spent on campus recruitment while finding better fits.

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