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The Indian pharmaceutical industry is currently worth $ Six billion in a global industry worth $ 650 billion but is growing at 10%, compared to the global industry rate of seven percent. Also $65 billion worth of medicines prescribed in Europe and the US will lose their patents in 2007-08 and India is ideally positioned to sweep up much of that new business.

The pharmaceutical industry is expected to generate about 300,000 jobs over the next few years.

A pharmacy professional can work as a production person involved in the production of bulk and intermediates or formulations and dosage forms. Good opportunities also exist in the areas of R&D, Quality control of a pharmaceutical industry. Another opening is as a ‘Registered Pharmacist’ in the hospitals or drug stores. A graduate in pharmacy can also get gainful employment in regulatory bodies. Similarly, Patents and Trademarks, IPR experts are also in high demand. Excellent opportunities for post graduate pharmaceutical students are available in teaching too.

Biotechnology is an inter disciplinary science concerned with the application of combined technologies to living cells. Biotechnology has advanced to gene technology and beyond, and covers biomedical research, microbiology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering.

The biotech sector in India is projected to increases to $1.5 billion by 2007 and over 45 billion by 2010. The industry expects to grow by over 30 percent annually with investments close to $227 million in the next couple of years.

The biotech sector is expected to generate over a million jobs in agriculture, pharmaceutical and medical segments by 2010.

Biotech graduates can find opening with pharmaceutical, food, health care, veterinary, chemical, agriculture and allied industries. There is a tremendous opportunity in clinical research, R&D and development of medicines. It also has huge potential in the field of agriculture sciences, genetically modified crops and related areas

Global IT Services/BPO players have invested large sums of money for expansion plans in India. In 2005-06, the Indian ITES-BPO segment grew by 37 percent contributing $ 6.3 billion to the total software and services exports of $ 23.6 billion. Domestic market for ITES-BPO has grown by over 55 percent to $860 million to 2005-06. The entire software and services industry in the country is expected to record revenues of $ 36-38 billion in 2006-07 and the ITES-BPO segment exports is expected to cross $8 billion.

Currently it employs over 350,000 and more than a million jobs are expected to be generated.

Most developed nations outsource their business processes to developing countries to save costs. Citibank, Stanchart, Dell and AOL outsource their back-office operation to India.

BPO jobs differ significantly from company to company. There are three broad areas: One, voice-related jobs like manning customer help lines that involve speaking to customers abroad; Two, data related jobs that involve communicating with customer on e-mail etc. Three, consulting work like arranging balance sheet data to facilitate analysis. Most BPO jobs are in banking and financial services. Other areas now opening up are insurance claims processing, consumer and retail, and consumer services in IT for international ISPs like AOL.

One must have good interaction and language skills. Team leaders need to have experience in areas like people management and quality maintenance and operational efficiency. Most BPO units take on team leaders with three to five years’ experience. Most importantly, you should be able and willing to work odd hours.

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