Customer acquisition satisfaction

The customer care industry bustles with opportunities for youngsters with a good academic record and impressive communication skills.

Customer acquisition satisfaction and retention are three pillars of any commercial enterprise. The challenge here lies in adding to the customer base while retaining the old ones. Realizing the importance of customer service to sustaining market foothold organizations are now establishing dedicated customer service arms. Elaborating on the surge in this sector, Founder and Director of BM English Speaking avers, “The World economy has undergone immense changes in the last decade”. Earlier the competition was on production capacity and quality. But stagnant production and similarly priced goods led to quality of service gaining importance.

The swelling customer service industry is fast becoming a hot destination for young job seekers. The eligibility may range from graduation (in any discipline) to domain specific knowledge (like software or healthcare) and effective communication skills.

In addition to communication skills, one has to be presentable, assertive, enthusiastic, confident and of course a very god listener. A personal liking or passion for interaction increases the chances of getting the first job. Being multilingual is an added advantage and one must be flexible to work in various time zones. Usually, freshers are imparted training to hone their communication skills followed by a process (domain) specifc one.

While the higher echelons of an organization take decisions on the design, development and launch of products and services, the customer service professionals serve as a link between the company and customer thus playing a key role in maintaining the company’s image on the corporate radar.

Debunking the myth that customer service is only about attending calls and doing the graveyard shift is the fact that there is enough cope for vertical lateral progress. Attending calls may be an initial part of the job. With experience one can graduate to being a voice and accent trainer, process trainer etc.

Options Available:

From merely giving information on various products and services to providing hardcore technical assistance on various issues, customer service is all pervasive. Some forms of customer service are customer support services, technical support services and IT help desks.

Two other important facets of customer service are sales and marketing. While marketing includes consumer insight mining to discover what they want, producing a product pricing it correctly ales is the last step in the marketing process. In order to grow in this industry one must posses managerial and leadership skills, be organized and business oriented.

The customer service industry is not far behind when it comes to scaling the salary gradient. A fresher with excellent communication skills can start with a pay scale of one to two lakhs; however this is subject to academic background, age and company. Performance can earn you even a 100 per cent hike in a year or two. While the salary is satisfactory it is the hands on experience of handling different clients that is rewarding.

With globalization bringing organizations all over the world closer, and outsourcing being the buzzword, recession not withstanding the customer service industry is set to take giant strides. The industry as of now is very exciting and is expected to become more competitive thus the best candidates will be definitely rewarded handsomely. Companies will increase budgets for customer service and a lot of investment will go in training and developing; thus, top performers can expect exposure to new growth opportunities both in terms of compensation as well as job profile along with a better lifestyle.