Marketing Success

Marketing, sales and customer care have always been essentials in any business or company. There is always a very thin line between the marketing and sales function in any business. Sales are a part of the marketing field which has a broader scope. And today, both these fields are becoming more customer oriented. Consecutively, the line between the sales and the customer care function is also thinning. Customers are considered as revenue generators and keep a company in business. Sales and marketing are a vital part of any business.

No business can succeed without sales, and bringing in customers is the most essential facet for survival of a company. Whether it is the fast moving consumer goods or retail segment, financial services or industrial or manufacturing segment, there is visible demand for good sales marketing personnel. With the economic graph taking an upward curve, almost every organization is now focusing on developing their Sales and Marketing division.

On the Job:

The job of a salesperson is tough but interesting especially for those who like to interact with people from various walks of life. The job is not confined to the office desk, nor is it typical 9 – 5 job. It involves lot of travel and late hour appointments with prospective customers. So if one has the right attitude and approach it can be a very satisfying experience.

The sales person is a field level brand ambassador for the organization’s product and service. Says a President HR, a sales person’s job entails acquiring new customers, maintaining and developing relationships with existing customers and continuously scouting for new developments in the market. It is very competitive results oriented and highly rewarding. It’s about achieving high sales figures keeping in mind the interest of stakeholders. This exposure is so vivid that it helps beginners understand the market faster than any other work set up.

Essential skills:

The requirements of a company are subject to their product. Accordingly the skills required also vary.

In our quest to acquire quality talent, graduation is a prerequisite in good organizations. In addition to skills lie presentation and communication, networking ability, persuasiveness, negotiation skills, and results orientation, we assess candidates on ambition, passion diligence, innovation and team work as well.

Generally we recruit Engineering graduates for industrial products and graduates in any discipline for other products says VP, Manufacturing Services, Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited. If the candidate is experienced his / her contacts in the industry also matter. For a new comer apart from some of these attributes, we also look for extracurricular activities which would have facilitated exposure to leadership role/s and interpersonal skills. A good sales person has to be a self starter and a go getter.

Learn to Grow:

Companies are always on the look out for the best and brightest individuals who have the personality and desire to sell. Some encourage their representatives to attend seminars or take up relevant courses to provide them an extra edge. Others have in house training programs to mould freshers to suit their market requirements.

Companies partner with institutions to develop industry ready professionals with expertise in specific domains.

The salary is subject to qualifications and experience. A sales person may start with a monthly pay of Rs 7,000+ but s/he is professionally qualified, it can go upto Rs 20,000 per month.

Apart from competitive fixed pay, a sales job offers the chance to earn high incentives base on achievement of targets. These jobs offer higher proximity with the end consumer, scope to innovate, tangible outcome of efforts and help one chart out his /her own growth path.

So if you are looking or an interesting career with lots of travel, people interaction, good package and result oriented incentives, sales and marketing could be just the right career for you.