Hiring strategy at infosys


Infosys Technologies a leading global software technology company based in India is planning to hire as many as 25000 software engineers, programmers and related personnel to execute the projects on hand which they have bagged in the international competition.

Infosys Technologies’ Chief financial officer (CFO) for 12 years and member of the Infosys board of directors, made a career change. The CFO took over as head of human resources at Infosys and after taking over as the head of HR 2,000 employees were hired on one single day. He explained his company is on a hiring spree because the company has an obligation in Infosys to build a succession plan and a team.

The former CFO and currently the head of HR said that for 12 years he was head of the finance and CFO. The finance department has a very good team and in order to allow somebody else to take over he stepped down so that the other person taking over as CFO will have an opportunity to show their stuff to the outside world. It has been a happy coincidence that he could get into HR.

The current strength of Infosys is 52,700 people and this year they are going to hire an additional 25,000 people for the aforesaid reasons.

These are fairly large numbers, and these numbers have come up because the industry is growing at a very rapid pace and globalizing. The strategy is to keep up the growth with pace needed to globalize and therefore they need to have a more global work force.

Infosys have started many initiatives. In the US, for instance, they are hiring 300 young undergrads. The first 100 would be joining them in July-August and getting trained at Infosys’ Mysore campus.

In the UK, as an experiment, they are hiring about 25 people from colleges by the end of this year. Locally also they are accelerating hiring in all centers.

The company becomes bigger and has a more global work force it creates its own challenges and the organization heads need to face that.

India needs more engineering colleges and the industry for many years now has been working with the government to expand the capacity in engineering colleges.

In the last six years the total number of seats in the engineering colleges has expanded. The latest data is probably that India has about 495,000 seats in 1,450 engineering colleges this year.

A large number of them are in the south of the country, which is also where the IT industry growing. For example, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad make up about 64% of the total IT exports. This is in tune with the capacity available in the engineering colleges in the south of the country.

The number of jobs more or less matches the people. There may be a situation two to three years from now when the demand will have increased and that is indeed going to be challenging.

Part of the work is being done by people who have a BSc qualification, so there is a hiring of BSc graduates going on. That is creating an alternate talent pool.

The big issue in HR is that the IT industry is beginning to get an increasing share of the output from the Indian university system. That has to grow and is getting to be a challenge.

The key challenge is in scaling up as the need for talented people is increasing. One should be able to get adequate number of people to join the organization so as to meet the market place demands.

The market is growing at around 30% this year. If they are growing 30% on top of the million people in the work force, that is 300,000 people. That is a lot of people.

This means there is a challenge. The industry itself, many players are growing at varying rates. The top three-four players are able to grow at very good rates. The next five after the top five are showing varying growth rates, so there is clearly an impact being felt.

The Infosys recruits in India, where the majority work force stays in two areas at the entry level and the middle level. At the middle level the pool of talent that is about 125,000 people and about 20% of them are available in the market place, that will be about 25,000 to 30,000 people.

Head of the HR at Infosys says his focus is two pronged as a mentor of HR team of about 260 people to work on policy issues within the corporation.

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