Career oriented skills



Engineering continues to remain a sought-after profession. Whatever the area of specialization, the four main tasks include research and development, production, management and maintenance. Just like in IT where the repute of institution is considered as one of the prime factors even in engineering the same logic applies and the incumbent should manage to graduate from a decent institute to be a contender for a lucrative position. There is little chance of bagging good jobs graduating from unknown colleges. They provide degrees but don’t guarantee the career growth oriented job.


Medicine continues to attract more than its fair share of aspirants. Medicine is the right profession for those with an aptitude for science and the willingness to work long hours. Unless you have the patience and very good PR skills to start private practice, it’s best to opt for a job especially in the early years. Hospitals ensure sound salary and degree linked jobs. An uphill task, until you are established as a private practitioner.


The fastest growing Indian industry, IT offers a range of employment opportunities in software, hardware, sales and marketing, e-commerce, telecom and many inter related jobs. Indian IT professionals are sought-after across the globe. If one has not done his/her IT degree from an esteemed college or university, there’s little chance of being able to bag that dream job.


Management has, and will always remain a thrill. Today, there are colleges and institutions churning out BMS, BBA, MBA, and CA for those keen on making a career in management. Management jobs, like they say, are pro-management and can be trying for the ego, at least in the beginning. However, given a little time market value will go up for the career in management.


Consider the long voyages to exotic places, the adventures and the big salaries and perks. A career in the Merchant Navy is just the right option. For the uninitiated, the Merchant Navy is a non-combatant commercial fleet, which deals with transporting cargo and occasionally, passengers, by sea. The job involves the employee for months on end at sea and desperately wanting to reach the land.


Almost everyone wants to be a part of this industry. The compensation is very good and so are the jobs (tele-marketing, data entry, transaction processing etc) especially for beginners. Although there’s a lot of money here, there’s little sense of security. There’s always a fear of being laid off or dumped following company regulations or changes. Health too is of casualty considering the odd working hours and stress associated with this line of work.


The beauty industry, also known as cosmetology, never looked so good. The good old beautician has made way for the hip ‘n’ happening beauty therapist/ consultant. The subject includes treatment of the skin, hair, face and body to diet and exercise regimes. With the number of specialists having surged in this industry, it’s going to be difficult making a mark.


There is a lot of job security and salary hikes and you can choose from private and international banks. Banking can turn boring after a while as there’s little creativity involved. Besides, stress levels are high as it remains a target-driven job. A lot of youth drop out of private banking and settle for back-office jobs instead.


Considered the most secured career after banking, the high levels of security and prestige here are probably why most opt for the field. Most teachers rue the absence of facilities to hone one’s skill further or upgrade learning on the job. That can be tackled by clearing it out with the administration and asking for options to upgrade skills while on the job.


Law offers numerous career options ranging from practicing legal consultancy to working I a large organization as a “Legal Advisor� or “Legal Officer�. Besides, the knowledge of law comes in handy in almost all other professions. Law deals with clerical staff that isn’t exactly polite; peons who know more than their bosses and callous government departments that make work difficult.


Media has become a promising industry in recent years, what with a growing number of newspapers, news channels, advertising agencies etc. It takes a long time to climb the ladder here. You need to experience to be able to make a mark among those myriad others who’ve done their BMM. Aspirants are known to drop out of media jobs simply because it’s sheer hard work and not “exactly what they expected.�

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