Meeting your sales targets – Optimism floats

A sales job is the worst kind of stressor; especially in this economy when customers are quite reluctant to buy. So what are the possible measures that you can take to meet your sales targets, we present a few guidelines:

Plan your month>>

To achieve monthly sales target you need to plan proficiently. There would be earlier leads that you are certain will close this month. There would be referrals from satisfied customers who are more open to your sales pitch. Once you have an idea of a rough percentage you are bound to achieve plan accordingly for the number of cold calls you would need to make to meet your target.

Get a head start it is pointless to wait till the end to start closing or contracting new prospects. Divide the day for emailing information to new clients, phone follow ups an closing of sales. This way each day will be productive and move you that much closer to your target.

Follow up>>

Your initial phone call should schedule a meeting with the prospect. Keep the meeting down to 20 minutes in which you can understand the prospects requirements. If needed, follow up with an emailed proposal after the meeting. Typically call after 3 days after sending the email. It is best to have some standard templates mails and conservation points handy for follow ups.

One needs to cut trough the competition by presenting an advantage not just in terms of price points but also value addition. You need to able to answer the crucial question, why should I buy from you and not A, B or C? Knowing your product or service and its USP will enable you to highlight why your product is better than the competitors what kind of problems it will solve for the buyers and why he should invest.

Know your prospect>>

Do what it takes to know your prospective client ad their requirements, research their website befriend their personal assistant if possible. During the course of your meeting ask Power Questions to understand needs budget specifications etc. Adjust your sales pitch to match their behavioral style. Portray yourself as their advisor seeking to provide them with the best possible service and solution to all of their objections and problems.

The reverberation of a spectacular drums performance opened the 13th National HRD Network’s National Conference, Global leader HR advisory services leader HR advisory services, Ernst & Young and national president, NHRDN elaborated on the road map of the national HR body saying that we need to create a spirit of humanism that goes beyond our lifetime. Setting the agenda for the conference. Let us take advantage of the fact that Indian business is both, young and old. VC & MD, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd explained the need to engage in such meaning dialogues with leaders of the future. A year ago, the worst terrorist act was unleashed on an unsuspecting city; yet here we are with our faces resolutely turned to the future. Since liberalization, our challenge has been to find creative solutions for paradoxes. So, what we are really asking is, can opposites co-exist? Well that brings us to our first certainty, which is that modern will be about building pathways which traverse these irreconcilable differences. The good news is no nation can handle contradictions and constraints as well as we can.

In order to thrive, organization will have to develop a new talent mindset: talent, not credentials new ways to attract talent, developing talent and unlocking beyond the company. At later session on the challenge of compensation, Mohandas Pai, director & head, finance, admin, HR, Infosys Leadership Institute and Education & Research and member of the board, Infosys said Organizations need o pay attention to the fact the difference between compensation of people at the helm and lower done can’t be that much. we can start by taking inspiration from the Upanishads that suggest that work should be treated as it own reward.