Opportunities in health care

care Opportunities in health

CREMA – Clinical Research Education and Management Academy is a premier training institute in Clinical & Biomedical Sciences. CREMA was set up to educate and equip students by imparting advanced training in Clinical research and healthcare Management. The inclusion of all important Management module in the curriculum and emphasis on soft Skills in association with ISIL and Speak First (UK) has helped students take on the role of leaders in many leading organizations.

Dean of CREMA fielded a few frequently asked questions on career opportunities in the healthcare industry during a seminar organized recently by education times, in association with CREMA. The recession has had no effect on this sector. In fact the meltdown has translated into better business opportunities for India.

Over the past few years, there has been a sea of change in terms of growth expansion and specialization in the government as well as the private sector with respect to the healthcare industry. With the advent on newer technology, professionals in this sector today are more knowledgeable and respect their patient’s desire of quality service. Globalization has had an extremely positive impact in this sector whether it is transfer of the latest technology from medically advanced nations to other countries that need a helping hand or the phenomenon of medical tourism in nation like India. Everything is a consequence of globalization.

Aspirants in this sector need to essentially have a background in life sciences. They should also have reasonably good reading and comprehension skills and should also have the ability to multi task. Ethical behavior is a must in this sector and so is the desire to constantly keep abreast of the latest happenings in the sector. Needless to mention, good people skills are also an added advantage.

Here are a quite few reputed institutes that offer a MBA degree in Hospital Management. To name a few: Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, All India institute of Medical Sciences (ALLMS) New Delhi; DMS, Indore and Madurai Kamraj University, Madurai. However, these courses only focus on hospital administration. There are some institutes like CREMA which offer holistic programs in healthcare management that also include hospital administration.

Life sciences have witnessed amazing growth, excitement and action in last two decades. Areas like specialty care, organ transplant, medical tourism, cosmetic surgery and health insurance are witnessing a great demand and they are in all likelihood going to employ huge number of qualified professionals in the next few years. There are also employment opportunities in NGO who get a lot of international grants.

The economic turbulence in the global market has not managed to affect the clinical research sector. In fact recessionary times in medically advanced nations have translated into better business opportunities for India.

While choosing your training institute you should first check whether the institute is affiliated to a good university in India or abroad. Followed by this you need to physically visit the institute to check their infrastructure and other on ground facilities. You should also try to network with current or past students from the institute to know about the quality of faculty and the placement facilities offered.

Global standards of pharma-co-vigilance are extremely high and India needs to be at par with them soon. A degree in pharma-co-vigilance will surely pave the way for great future for aspirants in this sector.

Thanks to the government and RBI regulations, today banks are eager to offer educational loans to deserving applicants. Private institutes also offer financial assistance.

A career in clinical research after your MBBS degree is a great choice. Rest assured this career avenue will offer fast track growth and also has all other advantages that a corporate job offers.