Internet provides social media an ideal platform

Indians, have always held strong opinions, stands and points of view and have sought out every conceivable method to express them, including writing letters to the editor organizing forums, discussion groups, and sometimes even mass rallies. Today, the Internet provides social media that ideal platform to emerge as the most powerful new communication medium and reach well over 350 million people worldwide every single day. Social and professional networking sites are leveraging their interactive capabilities for social engineering educating, energizing and motivating their users through discussion board, blogs, threaded discussions and other media tools like images, reference quotes and communities. an exclusive professional networking site enables users to leverage business relationships, develop their circle of influence and voice opinions to make difference. allows you to join discussion boards, post your views and share your thoughts with top professionals on the current scenario and industry specific issues. is the only networking site in the world that allows users to publish their own newspaper and express their views on world events or news related to their business profession or even their own organizations. In addition, users get up to date information from their choice of publication and the type of news they and their network are interested in.

While most social networking sites have permeated deep into the urban family they have been of limited use for business functions. The host of unique features of will facilitate users to fully express themselves and their professional personality in social way making an impact.

In addition to the personal newspaper feature is the first professional networking site to geographically map users and facilitate connections with other professionals within their local community.

Unlike other networking sites, communities automatically connect professionals at various levels like college companies and domain of work – currently, there are over 11,000 companies and 6,000 reputed institutions that are accessible to the user. It also connects professionals based on their interests, hobbies and areas in which they are seeking growth.

Another community and networking facilitator is the unique way people explore and innovative and exciting style to graphically browse profiles of other peers and rapidly expand your professional peer network. not only provides opportunities to interact, network connect and share opinion and experiences with top professionals but also is a platform where you can add contacts and build relationships. In addition, to maintain exclusivity a lot of importance is given to the privacy of the users and entry to the site is by invitation only. also provides a platform for companies to engage more meaningfully with their employees and clients. Many companies are using as direct brand building platform, leveraging their company profile pages, providing relevant information and their latest offerings in a real time environment.

With over 100,000 professionals already connected with each other has become a tool for social engineering providing both, a sense of community an a depth of serious discussion, by initiating debate on topical issues, assisting professionals build on their relationships and leverage their personal brands for the benefit of their communities and organizations.

Any economic crisis such as the one that we are currently in, does adversely impact the financial functioning of a firm. In these times, firms enforce cost cutting measures that end to affect the grandeur of celebrations but the spirit of the same should remain unaffected. Harboring the right attitude during the festive season is of prime importance and this entirely depends on the cultural framework of an organizations. In fact, during challenging times the spirit of celebrations should even higher as it may play a vital role spreading a positive message in the organization, enhancing employee motivation and most importantly, helping the firm tide through the economic crisis and emerge even stronger.

The employees during tough times like these tend to adopt a very cautious approach as most are highly influenced by industry happenings (mostly negative). It’s true that he economic crisis does have an impact on celebrations at the workplace. Difficult times always result in change in approach. Organizations look for direct linkage between efforts and investments made in various celebrations with its impact on an organization’s capability whether it’s in terms of employee motivation or flexibility or productivity gains.

The sentiments were adversely affected the firms because more alert and careful towards adopting the right financial discipline. However, changes are now visible for the better. Firms are celebrating success; corporates have reported positive trends and the sentiments are upbeat. It is also important to celebrate to sustain morale and motivation of employees. Therefore, the spirit of celebration should be sustained but with a cautious approach.