Asking for a raise – things to avoid

Probably the only time the whole staff works with equal zeal and toil is when it is appraisal time. Intentional overtimes, artificial courtesies and latter chatter become the norm. But together with the customary, there are certain things we should avoid while eyeing for a raise. Here’s a list of dos and don’ts:

Don’t be casual:

Like you avoid wearing casuals to work, wearing casual attitude should be avoided as well, especially when talking to your boss. Blunt expressions like can we chat’ or “I want more” is a big no. Take a formal appointment jut as you do before a business meeting.

Beggars can be losers:

Don’t say you deserve raise because you need it. One area where employees can falter badly is when they quote personal investment plans to advocate their case.

So, you must not need increment because your kids need new Laptops, your spouse needs more branded accessories, or worse because your salary often falls short to finance your alcohol or gambling addictions.

Don’t demand a raise with a clinched fist, as though you’re entitled for it. It is most certain to backfire and can actually lead to a demotion if over done. The trick is to convince everyone about your contribution through logic and logistics that force your belief on them. Remember, after all you don’t get promotion, you earn it.

People often make the mistake of indulging in money talk without doing the due share of homework. Before expecting anything from you corporation, learn what it currently has in store to offer. A quick look at the company’s revenue report or market performance can convey a lot about its financial status.

If there have been layoffs, salary cuts or other cost cutting measures of late, don’t ask out and out for gold. Settling for silver would be a wiser call.

Finally, abstain from the ‘r’ word. Flaunting the resignation letter to force your way may sound tempting, but is a risky business. Instead, try to talk it out with your boss. Ask him or her to suggest means to get the raise. Check if you can improve in certain areas.

You can think about moving on. But don’t threaten to quit on the spot, because your boss may wave farewell to you. Also, you’ve got to be prepared to back your statement with action. If you don’t have another job lined up, you’re sunk.

Post holiday blues – coping up:

Ever wondered what’s worse than a killing long spell at office? Well, it’s getting back to work after holiday. Studies have revealed that a well deserved break can cause you lot of stress once you head back to work. Here are some points to remember the next time you apply or leave:

Like the saying goes prevention better than cure, so preparation is smarter than neglect. Sprinting to holidays without finishing the work in hand can guarantee an instant salvation, but can’t imagine the load that would eagerly await your return. Finish of all your pending work.

Working overtime to wrap up work can be stressful while you prepare to take on unfinished assignments with an extra rigor. Make sure you don’t become bone weary by the end of the day. There is also a catch if you go overboard in planning spots and sites for vacation. People often with sense of guilt if they can’t cover all places they marked in the planner. So, make the correct balance between the two and your holidays will turn into jolly days.

Let us admit it. End of vacation sends the same tingles down the spines as does the expiry of bail. You are left with no choice but to head back with a bowed head. This is particularly true for those who complain of the wring job at the wrong place situation. It has been found that momentous events and memorable outings during the vacation can do a lot to minimize such after effects So during holidays take a slice out of your usual routine and visit a spot that leaves a mark deep and thick in your memory.

A very important point to keep in mind after return is obtaining from a sudden change in the schedule. Take your time to adjust and avoid overstretching the stay in the office if that has been your general practice. Even while working, do not go into overdrive mode immediately. Crack a water cooler conversation every now and then and make sure to tell your colleagues about Kodak moments of your vacation. This shall help you remain in festive mood for long even after joining daily work.