A positive year 2010 for Business, Industry, and jobs

It’s 2010 and with India inching towards speedy recovery, industry professionals tell you why it’s imperative to harbor an optimistic approach and watch out for opportunities that this year has in store for aspirants. In continuation of the series that kick started last week, experts ensure that the year of living dangerously’ is a thing of the past and 2010 will, most definitely start on a positive note, as opposed to the turbulent yet opening 2009.

The hospitality industry suffered not only due to recession, but also security instability and terror attacks. The three challenges to be addressed in 2009 were: 1) sharing business realities and consequences there of with employees, 2) gossip and rumor management with emotional and psychological recession and 3) aligning HR needs to business realities in order to minimize job loss. There were a few lessons the industry learnt during 2009. In good times, plan for the bad. HR initiatives that were practiced during good times need to be pursued more aggressively during bad times.

Somebody very rightly said, what got you here not take you there. With global recession / global warming / global terror, it is very difficult to predict what 2010 will have in store. The indications are positive although they may not be as good as 2007, but will surely be better than 2009. The message to job seekers is to try and bridge the gap between a dream job and a job. The high pay packets and the entry level that existed in 2008 may not exist in 2010 or at least not as openly.


The beginning of 2009 was exceptionally slow and cautious and towards the second half of the year businesses picked up aggressively. So, flexibility and scalability were of paramount importance. Overall it also brought a change in the outlook of the typical job applicant and he / she made a transition from being casual to cautious. We have also seen candidates opting for strong and stable brands over ones that offer only quick money.

2010 will be a relatively stable, yet a high growth year. Post recession, outsourcing has gained even more importance as it contributes directly to the profitability of a firm. Job seekers are advised to evaluate opportunities on the basis of the employer brand, growth opportunities and company stability. You should focus on building your USP as a high performer with stable track records and quality of work delivered during the recession phase.

Though the pharmaceutical industry was not so effected, they were cautious about our costs. In some cases, major expansions plans were put on hold in view of the market situation. For the first time, we have received numerous enquiries from NRIs as well as expatriates who were returning to India. This was mainly because the pharmaceutical sector in India is perceived to be stable in comparison to its western counterparts.

If growth levels of the Indian economy are sustained at the current rate, then the job market will re-open cross levels in second half of 2010. The expansion plans that were put on hold in 2009 may be pursued again, thereby creating more employment opportunities. My advise to job seeker would be to examine possible positions more holistically i.e. assess the financial standing of the company, the intent to expand as well as the ability of the company to sustain and succeed in the given market conditions. For those who are just beginning their careers, they will be though with their subject before appearing for an interview as organizations now-a-days want to recruit candidates who have a strong understanding of their industry and its model of operations.
In the telecom industry players had a very sharp focus on the skill sets being recruited so as to cater to future technological needs. As a result, there was more reliance on automation tools used during the recruitment process. The ripples of the global economic environment were felt to some extent in India as well. Hence, it was imperative to usher in a culture where people embraced change amicably were consistently engaged and motivated to deliver their best with agility and demonstrable accountability. While helping people recession proof their lives, sharing of information proactively definitely went a long way.

There is an industry wide positive upward tend that forebodes well for all. Our tips to job seekers to prepare themselves for 2010 would be to pursue resilience and stay positive.

Harboring a cautious approach in 2010 is a must, owing to the experiences encountered in 2009. There were lessons learnt and now is the time to implement them in order to ensure an enriching 2010.