Spectre of recession is receding faster beginning 2010

As a number of nations including India are showing positive signs of recovery from the economic downturn, 2010 seems to be promising with respect to job placements.

The spectre of recession is receding faster in some countries, slower in others. In India, the pace of growth which had slackened is a consequence of the recession in other countries, has picked up and recent reports of engineering and business school campus recruitments demonstrates that the stage is set for a faster growth in 2010 as recruiters are willing to pay handsomely.

The health care sector is an area of assured growth. The increasing number of health care jobs is directly attributable to the large population, the entry of more private health care providers better spread of health insurance, increased life expectancy and the rise in health awareness among people. Hence, qualified and experienced doctors, surgeons, medical and surgical specialists, dentists, physiotherapist, nurses, occupational therapists, and other health professional are in demand. Consequently there is also an expansion in the number of administrative and support roles needing to be filled. More health and hospital management programs and institutions are coming up, and both medical and non-medical graduates can seek openings through this route.

Inter-disciplinary Sciences:

Biotechnology, genetics, biomedical engineering, energy technology and nanotechnology are the various interdisciplinary choices worth looking up, if you have the right abilities, passion and enthusiasm for higher studies and research in these fields. BTech (BioTech) and BSc (Biotech) programs are very popular with students having passed 10 + 2. Engineering aspirants are showing keen interest in Power / Energy Engineering. Oil & Gas Engineering and allied disciplines many youngsters are serious about tapping the merging opportunities in nanotechnology.

The pharmaceutical sector is growing fast, with opportunities in clinical research drug development, marketing and distribution. BPharm/MPharm, post graduate programs in clinical research / bioinformatics or MBA Pharmaceutical Management could accelerate your career in this field.


BPO are hiring perhaps more circumspectly (which is good) and graduates of different disciplines find a major employment opportunity based on their skill set, voice and communication based or back office related. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is an extension of the field of Business process outsourcing (BPO) for professionals in various fields. Legal process Outsourcing (LPO) is expected to grow fast due to significant cost advantage in India. Estimates project that about 79000 jobs would be generated by 2015.

Patent and IPR:

Patent law practice is a very important opportunity for a science or engineering graduate with a law degree. However, becoming a patent agent or examiner does not require the law degree, but strong science or engineering qualifications.

Accountancy, banking and insurance remain ever green and popular as always. Las year was a bumper year for banking sector recruitment, with a large proportion of hiring in the public sector banks, continuing into the year 2010. Since barely 10 percent of Indian population has the privilege of health insurance, there is strong potential for growth and jobs in health insurance.

Media and entertainment continue to rule the career popularity charts. Demands for mass communication, broadcasting, advertising and public relations or media management programs are increasing among undergraduates and graduates.

Clean and green careers are very much on people’s minds as we wind down 2009. Be it environmental conservation, energy efficiency, energy management, renewable energy generation and recycling and waste reduction, 10+2 students and college graduates from every field are keen to foray into related career openings. While the bulk of the choices are science and technology oriented working for NGOs and in the field of environmental law and regulatory bodies is open to graduates and postgraduates of non science and engineering disciplines.

According to the estimates of ASSOCHAM Business Barometer (ABB) by the year 2010, retail will cross the figure of USD 21.5 billion and 2,000,000 jobs will be up for grabs in the retail sector in India. MBA in Retail and Post Graduate Diploma programs in Retail Management have been rising in popularity over the last five years.

In the workplace of the 21st century you will need to be better educated and more flexible to fill new jobs and respond to the changing knowledge and skill requirements of existing jobs. Lifelong skills development must become your mantra for survival and success.