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The market research firm AC Nielsen conducted an online survey of 22,000 internet users in 42 countries which reveals that one out of four consumers admitted to have gone on shopping just “to do something,� once a week.

If shopping is sheer entertainment, you’re not really an odd person out. Almost 32 percent of Indian consumers are just like you, according to a recent global survey on shopping patterns.

Survey reveals 32 percent of Indians shop for entertainment and are the world’s biggest adductors of shopping.

The survey says 32 percent of Indian consumers that is more than the global average admitted that shopping for them was a form of entertainment. This makes Indians the world’s biggest ‘shopaholics’.

According to the survey, 32 percent of Indians go for shopping once a month, whereas 22 percent of them indulge in it once a week. It also noted that people in seven out of top 10 nations who shopped once a week just for “amusing themselves� hail from Asia.

In India modern shopping malls are entertainment destinations incorporating cinemas, restaurants, food courts and additional sports and entertainment facilities to suit all budgets. There are shopping malls with modern facilities catering to all income levels and social groups and all sections of society.

The shopping malls and modern format outlets also serve as an escape for people who seek refuge from the congestion of cities. People prefer these malls over traditional retail stores as they also help relieving stress.

About three-quarter of the world’s consumers can be classified as ‘recreational shoppers’ who go to the store for entertainment rather than to buy necessities, the AC Nielsen study suggested grocery retailers to exploit the situation and convert grocery shopping into an appealing experience.

It outlined that 71% Indian consumers describe grocery shopping as a necessary chore, compared to 46% who said that clothes shopping were a necessary chore. One fifth of Indian consumers said that shopping for clothes is an entertainment.

Rising incomes of the middle-class has been one of the major factors behind the unprecedented booming sales in the retail markets with more and more people joining the shopping class from metro cities to semi-metros. In view of the burgeoning business via retail stores, players like Wal-Mart, Reliance and Bharti also want to be part of this revolution.