CET is the eligibility window for admission

The MBA / MMS CET is the eligibility window for admission to the two course offered by some of the top colleges in Maharasthra.

Come February and about one Lakh students in Maharasthra will appear from the MBA / MMS CET. Taking this entrance test will make eligible for admissions to all the full time MBA and MMS programs offered by any institute in Maharashtra.

If your aim is to get admission in one of the coveted MMS programs, such as the one offered by Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management studies then you should target the MBA / MMS CET.

The exam tests one’s quantitative, verbal and analytical skills.

Though two thirds of the MBA / MMS CET syllabus is common to that of other management tests, the test is also substantially different than the other. A few differentiators:

Non engineers welcome:

Most MBA entrance exams have tough questions in the math section. This results in engineers performing much better than non engineers. A quick look at the student profile at too B-schools in India reaffirms the unfair advantage engineers have over students other fields securing admissions. However, this is not true about the MBA / MMS CET as the emphasis as well as the level of difficulty of math is lower than in other exam.

It’s the entrance test: Unlike top B-schools around the world, Indian B-schools rely heavily on entrance test scores in evaluating the strength of a candidate. This deprives them of otherwise talented students who may not have excelled in the entrance exam. But the admission procedure for the MBA / MMS CET takes the cake. Its merit score break up is:

Criterion Marks allocated

The entrance test: CET 200
Group discussion 17
Personal interview 17
Past academic 4
Work experience 2

To summarize when it comes to CET based admissions the only things on needs to worry about is entrance exam. Poor communication skills, bad academics and zero work experience do not hamper the likelihood of admission substantially.

There is a widespread myth that if you are prepared for the CAT, you are automatically prepared for the CET. Of course, there is no smoke without fire and being prepared for the English and math sections of the CAT, indeed gives you an adequate preparation advantage when you attempt the same sections in the CET. But the break up of the CET explains more.

Topic Marks

English 50
Math 50
Logic 100

As is obvious, the CET is all about logic and this particular section is unlike that you have seen in any other exam. CET questions on visual reasoning and syllogism can stump the best prepared CAT applicant. Think about if this way: though thousands of students in Mumbai appear for the CAT as well as the CET there is very little overlap between the lists of toppers. That is clinching evidence that you cannot prepare for another exam and hope to excel in the CET.

Here are the top MMS programs in Mumbai based on choices that’s students demonstrated MMS colleges last years.

Rankings of top MMS institutes in Mumbai is based on cut off in round 1 of admissions

Rank College Program Cut off (Out of 240)

2 Sydenham:MMS 178
3 Sydenham: PG 173
4 Somaiya:MMS 170
5 Wellingkar:MMS 168

Note: The admission process lasts four rounds. By the last round, cut off scores usually reduce by a few points compared to the cut off shown in the table.

Of course there are many more salient features of the CET: No negative marks and no sectional break ups, among others. Keep watching this space as we bring you several informative articles about the upcoming CET.