Hallmark of most successful companies and image at work

Hot spots are a hallmark of most successful companies. Companies with Hot spots are leading edge, buzzing with ideas, innovation and sheer trendiness. They are places and times where exceptional cooperation flourishes, creating great energy, innovation, productivity an excitement. Companies can create a community of teams to maximize energy and increase bottom line in the following ways: 1) share valuable information with others, 2) act with direction, 3) be wise in disclosure 4) use the language of cooperation 5) make and keep commitments.

In 2003, a group of people began a large scale research project on the nature of positive energy and cooperation in groups and their impact on performance known as Cooperative Advantage Research. Partnering with executives in seventeen companies they sent a major research survey to more than five hundred employees in forty to work teams in the United States, Europe and Asia. Our interest was in these team members’ experience of working the context in which they worked the structure of the tasks they performed and their perceptions of the performance of the team. When Hot Spots arise in and between companies they provide energy for exploring what was previously unknown. By adopting the following ways, teams could play a vital role towards enhancing the innovative capacity of an organization: 1) ask questions that spark energy, 2) create time and space for conversation, 3) use stories to weave dreams, 4) focus on meaningful work and 5) choose work that makes a difference.

Work can be a more fulfilling experience and that companies can become more innovative and creative. To do so involves abandoning some old rules we hold dear and embracing new ones. Our lives and performance of our organizations are infinitely enriched and nourished by Hot spots. It in the interests of every one of us to ensure that we are in Hot Spots at least, some of the time and it is in the interests of company leaders to ensure that Hot spots arise as often as possible.

Ruining your image at work:

You might think that you are Mr Perfect at your job and that most of your colleagues admire you for your work. You might even dress impeccably and talk smoothly, but a momentary lapse of reason can ruin your image for good. If you’re worried about the bigger details, you might as well be conscious about the smaller ones. Here are five things that you should never be caught doing:

Borrowing money: It doesn’t show you in a good light. You’re immediately branded as a chindi who has holes in his pocket. Your colleagues will look at you as someone who is usually broke. And if you are caught borrowing money more than once, rest assured that most of your friends are going to tell you that they have no money to lend.

Flirting with a colleague:
You’re allowed to flirt as much as you like, as long as it isn’t happening in the office premises. And if you must do it in office, make sure it looks harmless. A conversation or having a coffee in the canteen is fine. Don’t even think of getting touchy feeling. You’ll only be giving your colleagues fodder for gossip for the week to come.

With a tacky ring tone: A DD news ring tone or the famous Kuch Kuch hota Hai whistle. Flaunt your high brow along with your phone. A Beethhoven symphony can do the trick. Imagine suddenly hearing Himesh Croon in the middle of a meeting. Please don’t subject your colleagues to this grave injustice. And it you’re not sure about the effectiveness of your ring tone put your phone on silent.

Spending too much time in the too: The loo is not the ideal place to catch up on your afternoon siesta. Remember, there is always somebody waiting their turn, so hurry up. Moreover people are going to doubt your efficiency if you keep making constant trips to the loo.

Napping: You might have had a late night partying or even working on a tight deadline, but your boss doesn’t except to you to be coming to office only to doze off. It is even worse if you do it in a meeting. So wake up before you get sounding.