Disqualified for being over qualified

Would an organization hire an MBA student with three years of experience for the post of a front office receptionist? Certainly not, right? This is the dilemma that many over qualified candidate face, in recent terms, as they approach organizations for job prospects. Are you amongst those who are being disqualified for being over qualified?

Though things are looking a little brighter and recession is lowly fading away the job market still remains little volatile. Many companies have started recruitments again but selective hiring is the new mantra ha they abide by. There is a huge number of over qualified professionals looking out for jobs and also ready to compromise, either on the designation or composition. However, organizations are a little reluctant to have such over qualified people on board. So, why is it so? Organizational concerns predominantly stem from fear and instability. The anticipated threat and intimidation of an over qualified candidate to his/her peers and sometimes even supervisors, the demoralization due to a lull in team cohesiveness and perceived rigidity in the said candidates, are some such strong reasons. Over qualified candidates come with threatening stigma attached to them. For instance, they will try to intimidate their colleagues, even be averse to following orders from a lesser qualified managers and end up damaging the company morale. There is also the looming prospect that they will shortly start feeling bored and dissatisfied with the inferior job, eventually turning into resentment. Also, they could be expensive and a strain to the budget. Experts point out that if they can’t get hired experience they end up applying for jobs at lower levels. People are expressing interest in positions that provide flexibility in salary and job responsibilities. These candidates are high functioning, professional people who will accept decreased salaries in exchange for other benefits such as future growth prospects, a conducive working environment or the challenge of learning new applications etc.

Though many organizations feel hiring over qualified professionals would not be that great deal, there are quite few advantages to it as well. Such hiring helps the organization plan for its future, especially succession and development. If handled and nurtured well, these employees can transform themselves into good business leaders within their units. In fact, such people can lead better and meet long term strategic needs of the organization’s human capital. Over qualified candidates usually have the technical capabilities to dot the job immediately. Their learning curve is short and have innovative approaches to do the job efficiently. These candidates add value beyond the role.

Hence, though these like a threat to many organizations, they do come along with a lot of benefits and add to the overall value of the organization with their experience and knowledge. If the company hits the right chord and takes a loyal candidate aboard, it ill certainly reap fruits and transform you into better employees.

1) Make sure that you are the one who broaches the over qualification issue with potential employers. By doing so, you defuse their objections with a carefully pitch.
2) Convince the recruiter that he / she is hiring the best talent and this will prove to be most cost effective in the long run for the organizations. Focus more on skills than job titles.
3) Take anon defeat attitude. Point to your job longevity history if they are worried that you might leave the company at the earliest available opportunity.
4) Take salary off the table. Reframe the discussion by speaking less of cash compensation and more of job stretch and growth opportunities.