Reality show rank high on the entertainment quotient

Be it MTV Roadies or Indian Idol, reality shows have managed to create a dedicated fan following among youngsters across India.

Today, reality shows rule the roost as far as Indian television is concerned. Be it Indian Idol, Splits villa, Big Boss, Sach Ka Samna or the recent Raaz Pichle Janam Ka the youth are hooked to reality shows like never before. The reason for the popularity of these shows is not only the fact that they promote young talent, but also that they are entertaining provide an easy access to fame, glamour; money and most importantly help you live your fantasies.

Entertainment Quotient:

Reality show rank high on the entertainment quotient declares a fourth year engineering student from SNDT University who regularly watches these shows. Reality shows are fun. The fact that they are scripted adds to their entertainment value. She does on to add that the emphatic outbursts of judges and the endless quibbling among participants ensure that audiences get their daily dose of humor as well as entertainment. Besides, the interactive SMS voting campaigns and contests also keep the viewer riveted to the seat.

Fast Fame:

Shares Sakshi Pradhan winner of Spiltsvilla 2, “I had always aspired to become a VJ. Thus, when I came across the commercials of Splits villa, I grabbed the opportunity to audition for the show and kick start my dream career”. Besides, the lure of huge prize money and the opportunity to interact with celebrity judges are often too good to resist for many youngsters. Admits Pradhan Life has changed drastically after I won Splits villa. Everyone recognizes me instantly now.

However unlike what many young people believe life is not easy even after one has won a contest. Says Deepali Kishore participant of Indian Idol 2 It is true that reality shows are a key instant fame. However, this fame is extremely short lived and one has to continue struggling hard even after the contest if one wishes to make mark in the real world.

Says psychologists, who is currently a part of Raaz Pichle Janam Ka, The youth is hooked to these shows as it allows them to live their fantasies.

Abhishek Singh, who had auditioned for Indian Idol but didn’t make it, has word of caution for aspiring reality show participants. No matter how talented you are, success is never guaranteed in these contests. Thus, giving up your studies only to pursue a reality show is not a wise decision.

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