The Smart Option

Idiot is as idiot does. So if idiocity brings good dividends, why not? A recent study has revealed that people who are tagged idiot at the office often end up performing better than their smart competitors, just like in the movies. So is the pretty picture of idiotgiri on reel resonant in real life too?

Idiocity: The Smart Option

Positives of the idiot tag can be best understood by considering the drawbacks of playing smart. For one, people who like to flaunt the “I know all attitude” tend to downplay, often neglect anything that sounds innovative. Whatever on suggests what’s great? the usual answer they give. Along with lack of appreciation the biggest blunder committed by such mentality is an outright rejection to learning.

On the other hand that ‘I need to know all’ mindset makes you crave for more and deliver better round the clock. So even if you are perceived an idiot and laughed to scorn at every opportunity it will be you who shall have the last laugh. All you need to do is channel mocks and teases correctly, and make them a source of motivation instead. Begin each day with the belief that you ain’t know nothing and that there’s an ocean out there to explore.

What the leaders say:

The best examples in support of the theory are the best entrepreneurs in the business. Apple Inc’s cofounder and CEO and founder of Pixar Animation Studios, Steve Jobs, is all for the foolish mindset. In his commencement speech he gave at Stanford University in 2005, Steve summed up the mantra to success in what became a benchmark line cross management academics: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. The business tycoon scripted success at many fronts despite regular academic failures all for sporting the idiot’s hat that kept him going.

Playing an idiot pays off smartly at work and in academics alike. The reason is simple; you don’t have many distractions to the job in hand. People stereotype foolish often nurture a point to prove, hence all that occupies the mind is the zeal to deliver. Little wonder when the happy go lucky party idiots work.

Guffaws and teases not withstanding another brownie for idiots is that they don’t have real enemies. Since they are not a regular at petty office fights they are less likely to be taken seriously of offensively by one an all. In fact, quite a chunk of daily office goers enjoys their company and finds them to be more honest than their smart and diplomatic colleagues. Such a persona also helps them stay away from bickering and back biting the two bugs that eat up much of productivity across the globe.

A diverse workforce brings along with it a wealth of ideas, innovation and energy to the organization. This positions any organization to anticipate important market changes, be more responsive to customer needs and build a solid foundation for future requirements. This culture engages employees, foster innovation and allows the company to seamlessly conduct business in diverse global markets. Sometimes inclusion and diversity at the workplace is a key factor that influences employees’ decision making process of working with a particular organization.

At a workplace, cultural diversity brings varying degrees of indigenous techniques traditions and work ethics. Confluence of these divergent backgrounds and experience can bring in innovation and sharing of best practices. This also inspires mutual appreciation, respect and understanding of the values and richness of divergent heterogeneous groups. If we look back at history, we will find that civilizations have prospered in regions which were more interactive with varying cultures and sensitive towards absorbing new practices.

Diversity essentially refers to experiences of people with regards to a unique group. It could be by the way of gender, race, race, age, religion, education, organizational, function or ethnicity. It is not just a good to have attitude anymore and has become a must have component for organizations to survive an again a competitive edge. Organizations with a diverse workforce will often have an edge in terms of problem solving better decision making creativity and innovation which will lead to better product development and overall success.

India, itself is a diverse country and a diverse workforce provides you with some unique advantages. One gets an access to an array of unique and innovative ideas. And this is most definitely a win-win situation for both the employee as well as the organization.

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