Energy conservation through organizations

Energy conservation is a hot topic in organizations these days. While HR plays a crucial role in spearheading this initiative, employees are doing their bit to spread the message?

In the movie 2012, the earth as we know is destroyed because of a sudden burst of solar flares that hit the planet’s core causing major shifts in tectonic plates. The result is cataclysmic tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes that wipe out most of life except for a modern fleet of arks that the G8 countries have built to save a few. The consciousness on environment protection has always been on the radar of corporate companies and has now gained momentum in recent times. This also attributes to the recent Copenhagen summit where the problems pertaining to climate change were highlighted globally.

The direct impact of climate change and other related effects are felt all now. Organizations being the torch bearers of development have started realizing the magnitude of the problem and need to take action. Employees are an integral part of an organizational set up and should play an active part in environment protection. To support this initiative employees have started commuting by bicycles and have also quit smoking. Not only that a majority of employees refrain from using the microwave to save power.

Under Project Prakriti, the onus will be on individuals to change their mindset / lifestyle to do their bit for pollution control, energy and water conservation and paper wastage among other things. While each individual should add value to this project, it is a collective responsibility to ensure the project gives desired results. Project Prakriti is implemented across all 11 locations.

Decisions pertaining to greening have, for quite some time, been confined to the upper echelons of senior management. It cannot be denied that such decisions are imperative. However, including everyone in the entire initiative, right from conceptualize to implementation takes the initiative to a new level.

When an initiative based on an employee’s idea is taken through the collective consent, the passion and commitment to the cause are far higher. Also, several employees have shared with us that they initially adhere to such norms as an effort to protect the environment but then gradually go on to practice these habits at home and then go a step further to influence others.

The employees at Amdocs have taken several initiatives to support greening and spread the message. Employees have, in fact, created an entity named Environment, health and safety (EHS), that serves as a sounding board and forum for greening ideas. EHS works towards presenting green ideas and habits in an innovative fashion. For starters, EHS has come up with a yearly calendar that dedicates a day in each month to a green idea. Some of the other initiatives are Project Hanky where employees emphasize on the need to carry a handkerchief and avoid using tissues or hand driers. The humble as most call it, has been positioned as a must have accessory that completes one’s attire and equips one to make a contribution towards the environment. The spouses of employees have also joined hands to do social volunteering in cities and villages around our cement plants. They have organized themselves into a formal group called ACC AHEAD which functions as a chapter of the Ladies Club at ACC plant and establishment. The group helps in identifying and creating livelihood opportunities for women, adult vocational education, health and hygiene for the underprivileged in the target communities. They also promote environment friendliness and energy conservation though initiatives such as tree plantation and awareness programs.