A passion can take an individual to any length

Pursuing our passion along with a job can help you express your creativity and do what you enjoy doing,

You are not what you do five days a week. There are several aspects of your personality that need an outlet.

A passion can take an individual to any lengths. If you love something and have the will to take it up, there is no topping you. Whether it is pursuing a hobby independently or developing it as a part time job along with a nine to five job, it is definitely a very satisfying experience. PK is a full time journalist and a part time piano teacher at a music school affiliated with the Trinity College of London. She has trained in piano and decided to put to use as she felt her art was being wasted. She loves music and wanted to share it; but also loved writing, hence took up music as a part time job. Luckily for her it is very lucrative and satisfying job.

You are not what you do five days a week. There are several aspects of your personality that need an outlet. Pursuing a passion can give you a creative satisfaction and a sense of doing what you love. It can make you feel better about your life and make you look forward to your time other than work. A job is a job. Even jobs that demand a creative bend can at times get monotonous. You need a passion to take you forward. Hence a part time job in the field of your interest is ones time to invest in future and work towards what one can see him / her self doing eventually. A Senior Content Writer at a mobile services company has started a magazine with a few working partners. All his partners work on the weekends or at night.

A Passionate part time job can be a stepping stone to fulfilling your dreams. In a sense it is saving up for later. Your part time job is also your investment for future. For example, in future when one Mr.X had a child and wanted to take a sabbatical from his full time job, so as to pursue his passion as a career, hence it pays off in the present and the future.

Another case under consideration is EP, who is a full time Psychology teacher and a part time consulting psychologist at an NGO. Being trained in psychology teaching gives her a chance to share her theory with students. However, she also wanted to express her self through some practical work as she wanted to keep in touch with real people and help them too. Now she does both and it works out well because of the flexibility of time that her area of interest offers her.

Your passion need not be one bit related to your work. You may choose something absolutely diverse. It only expands your avenues as a human being and teaches you to multitask and shift gears.

UB does just that. She practices dentistry by day and is a wedding choreographer by night. She is a dancer who studied dentistry and used to choreograph in her family weddings and gradually became a professional wedding choreographer. UB loves dentistry but dance is her greatest passion. It is a fun job that helps her express her self through her talent.

If you take up a part time job in the field of your passion, it is your passion that drives you. It encourages you to face challenges and find time to do what you really enjoy doing. One Ms. Y’s choreography is de-stressing and relaxing, Y looks forward to her weekends and evenings with a lot of zest.

Many people give up their passion due to extensive work pressure, domestic obligations, etc. Remember, it takes courage to fight your circumstances in order to do what you always wished to do. You owe yourself a life that you do not forget regret later on, and there is never a better timer than now. Things will never be perfect in order to do what makes you happy.

Hence whether you are working or not, if you have a passion that won’t let you sleep, go ahead and pursue it. It is worth it.